Memory Sticks

Branded USB

Branded USB - the flash drive is the bread and butter item of technology themed promo products. Trendy, functional and cost effective, the branded USB manages to be universally useful while still feeling current and cutting edge. As the working work moves towards a fully computerised modus operandi, let you customers know your company ethos embraces the changes and innovations of the contemporary workplace.

Branded Flash Stick

Branded flash stick - also known as a memory stick, pen drive, flash stick, or pen drive - a branded USB by any other name is just as useful! This is the perfect symbol of dynamism, while still giving your customers an incredibly useful item. A branded flash stick is the ideal nifty gadget for data storage - and the perfect platform for your logo.

The everyday use value of a USB means your brand gets integrated into the daily lives of your customers. Keep your brand name familiar and your contact details accessible, with a product your customers will want to always keep near.


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