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Logo Bluetooth Speaker

Logo bluetooth speaker - make sure your branded messaging is heard with our contemporary range of logo bluetooth speakers and bluetooth headphones! Wireless, trendy and portable, these are products at the forefront of innovative gadgets.

Our vast bluetooth range includes more than 25 options of headphones and speakers. The bluetooth collection below includes everything from wireless headphones, waterproof speakers, to a water bottle with speakers. We also have options with radios, alarm clocks and call pickup capabilities.

Tech giveaway items are always a great way to display the fun and innovative side of your business. And there’s no better product to do this than the logo bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones. Get in touch via 0861 111 954 or email and we’d be more than happy to assist you with our branded bluetooth products!

No products were found that matched your search criteria.

Promotional Bluetooth Speaker

Promotional bluetooth speaker - a promotional bluetooth speaker lets your customer listen to music anywhere, anytime. This is the perfect cutting edge product to act as a platform for your branding.

A bluetooth speaker makes a valuable corporate gift, because it’s:

Novel and trendy

A long term branding solution

Compact and portable

Wireless and hassle-free

A powerful corporate gift is one that is both useful and trendy - and the logo bluetooth speaker ticks both of these boxes with ease. It’s sleek design is equaled only by its pure functionality. A bluetooth speaker is a hassle-free speaker that supports playback from any bluetooth compatible audio devices. The days of playing music through sub-par phone speakers are a thing of the past!

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable bluetooth speakers are the trendy boombox of the 21st century! Compact, and easy to carry, a bluetooth speaker lets you play music from your phone, tablet, laptop or any bluetooth device. It means anyone can connect, no matter where you are. Simply recharge via a provided USB cable and this portable speaker can be used on-the-go. This is an easy to use item for even the most technologically challenged!

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

A mini bluetooth speaker is a phenomenal corporate gift option. But it’s also branded item with versatile uses, suited to many different scenarios. This is an ideal company swag product for your next activation or promotion. Make sure you set the right ambiance for your marketing campaign by playing music through one of these compact wireless speakers.

Promotional Speakers

Promotional speakers - the portability and excellent sound quality of a mini bluetooth speaker means your promoters can market on-the-go. This is a great way to draw attention to your marketing campaign, using a nifty gadget to increase brand awareness. We recommend our power bank selection in addition to our promotional speakers. This is the perfect complementary item to make sure you can be heard all day.

A mini bluetooth speaker is also an amazing desktop accessory for the office. Branded desk items are a great marketing technique for both your own workplace, and that of your customers. These pocket sized bluetooth speakers are an easy addition to any desk - linking up to your computer without the hassle of wires. This is a great way to reduce workspace clutter and fulfill all your audio needs.

Our bluetooth speakers have a call pick up function, an essential quality for the workplace. This is a great branded item to easily carry into your next meeting. It requires no hunting through drawers for the appropriate cables and connections, so it’s a convenient tool for that impromptu conference call or presentation. Never fight with the hassle of wires again!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker - for those who really want to stand out, we offer a range of unique bluetooth speaker options. A waterproof bluetooth speaker is one of these incredible choices. Our range also includes:

Bandit Drink Bottle and Bluetooth Speaker 500ml - this is the ultimate 2 in 1 item. This water bottle has a detachable bluetooth speaker, so that you always have a speaker handy.

Splash Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - perfect for day on the beach or to get the vibe going at the poolside. This hardy waterproof speaker means you never have to go without music, no matter where you are.

Prime Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and Clock Radio - which includes a radio, an LED clock screen, alarm clock and bluetooth speaker capabilities.

Tower Bluetooth Speaker Phone Holder - not only is this speaker a stylish device with incredible power, it also has a convenient phone holder, to keep your phone in place while you play music.

Branded Bluetooth Headphones

Branded bluetooth headphones are an amazing high value corporate gift. Never waste minutes untangling your headphones again with these promotional wireless headphones. The convenience of branded bluetooth headphones means your logo will be attached to an item that will be loved and held onto. For those of us that use headphones on a day to day basis, branded bluetooth headphones are a more convenient and cutting edge alternative. This a product with daily use value and is thus an amazing vehicle for marketing.

Wholesale Bluetooth Speakers

Wholesale bluetooth speakers - Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of this phenomenal corporate gift. Many of our range have an engraving option available. This is an elegant branding choice that significantly increases the perceived value of your item. To find out more about our range and the branding services on offer, please contact us via email or on 0861 111 954. One of our helpful account executives will be more than happy to assist you!