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Branded Power Bank


Branded power bank - make sure your customers are always connected with our range of branded power banks. The days of running out of battery in the middle of important correspondence are over! Your branded product can be that crucial backup in a moment of crisis. A branded power bank is a quality gift with the potential to add a big dose of convenience to your customers lives. This is an incredibly valuable and functional product, that your customer will always want to keep handy.


Why are branded power banks a great marketing item?

  • 41% of people make use of power banks at least once a week

  • 40% of people keep power banks for over 2 years

  • Achieves 900 impressions during its lifetime

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Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks - running out of battery can be anything from slightly annoying to a full blown disaster! Promotional power banks make sure you always have a backup on hand to extend your battery life. This is an innovative tech product that is really versatile in its uses. For one thing, it can be great for allowing you to unplug from the wall and let you charge your devices on the move!



Portable Phone Charger

Portable phone charger - sometimes our circumstances mean we can’t always get to a charging port when we need to. So a portable phone charger is also a great backup for travelers or people who can expect to be off the grid for a while. For anyone who is on the go all day, keeping a portable phone charger handy is an essential. And those pesky power cuts won’t affect you if you have a backup power source!


Power Bank 10000mAh

Power bank 10000mAh - the power bank 10000mAh is a powerful option for a promotional power bank. This product is sure to give you hours of battery life. We are suppliers of the power bank 10000mAh, and many other charge capacity options.


Power Bank Wholesale

Power bank wholesale, we are proud to be a leading supplier of this exciting technology. With many branding options available to you, promotional power banks are the corporate gift that keeps on giving! Incredibly useful and compact, your brand name is bound to be on hand at all times. 


Portable USB Chargers

Portable USB chargers are functional, compact and add great value to your brand. Branded portable USB chargers provide your logo with optimal branding exposure and visibility. Imagine your branded power bank with your logo on, in every office, on every desk, in every hand and on the go everywhere!

Portable chargers for phones, tablets and other mobile devices are an item to have, a product that is in use daily and always with you. A walking advertisement for your brand. Branded technology items can be your biggest brand ambassador, with the world being so technology inclined, your branded technology products will be seen everywhere and used by everyone.


Promotional Power Bank Chargers

Promotional power bank chargers provide you with the perfect corporate client gift or are ideal for gifting at your conference or company event. Award long serving staff members or executive clients with a product that offers continual use and value to your brand or business. Brand a power bank with your brand or company logo to ensure high-visibility, brand exposure and the continued interaction with your brand or business.


Promotional Solar Power Banks

Promotional solar power banks are super useful and provide great convenience. Solar powered power banks make excellent corporate gifts for your executive clients.

A unique and handy product that will grants hours of charging without hassle. The perfect item to have for power outages or load-shedding. Stay charged up and ready to go, ideal for long trips, camping, traveling and daily use. Easy to charge and compact to carry and travel with.

Your clients will be pleased to receive such a useful gift that they can use many times over. Branded products that have a purpose have immense value for your brand or business. An item that can be used many times over and provide ease into someone’s life is a product that stretches the exposure and visibility of your logo.

Solar powered products are becoming more relevant and reliable in an age of our natural resources becoming more and more scarce and the looming issue of electricity in South Africa. Products that rely on sun are also eco-friendly items, as they do not make use of electricity and do not cause harm to the environment.

Eco-friendly promotional products make great additions to your marketing materials, campaigns and add fantastic value to your marketing message. Connecting your brand with eco-friendly items aligns your brand with the right intentions, by showcasing how your business cares for the environment and positively inspires clients or customers.

Promotional products have immense power in people’s mentality, lifestyle and general consumer decision making. Your branded products hold this power of control, it is up to you how you choose to use your platform of communication. With eco-friendly products you can have a positive effective, by expressing your awareness of the planet while connecting your brand with people in a meaningful way.


Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks serve as a perfect handout item for your promotional events, expos, trade shows or are ideal for schools, NGO’s, universities as a branded gift.

Marketing products are important for establishing your brand or business identity. Branded products with your company logo on help connect your marketing message with people and further solidify who you brand is. Creating brand awareness with promotional power banks ensures that your brand stays visible and exposed as people are using the product daily where it is constantly in sight and noticed by other people.


Wireless Charging Power Banks

Wireless charging power banks provide you with easy traveling, ideal for frequent travelers, long airport waits, road trips, outdoor adventures and almost every occasion. Stay charged up and ready to be on the go. Take it with you everywhere for a quick power up for your mobile phone, tablets and mobile devices. Gift your clients the freedom of ease and movement with a wireless charging power bank, that is fuss-free and does not require tangled cables, plugs or frustration.


Corporate Power Banks

Corporate power banks make excellent end of year gifts for your executive clients or long servicing employees. Corporate gifting is an important part of establishing good business relations with staff and clients.


Power Banks 2000mah

Power banks 2000mah are supplied by Brand Innovation, a supplier of power banks and many other great technology items and promotional products. Technology marketing items are growing in the promotional products industry. We source the most unique and useful promotional technology items and technology accessories, that can be branded with your logo.

Branded technology items and mobile accessories are the perfect marketing merchandise to gift your clients as corporate gifts or as promotional products to handout at a company event.


Power Banks 8000mah

Power banks 8000mah provide long use and long lasting branding value for your business. Portable chargers with a high milliamp Hour power ensure longer charging use for your clients which furthers the visibility of your logo.


Branded Power Banks

Branded power banks serve as a means of connection between your brand and your clients or customers. It is an item that can be used almost everyday which means your clients or customers are always engaging with your logo, seeing it, using the branded product and establishing a sense of attachment to your brand, becoming familiar with it.

The power of branded products is about creating a human connection with your clients, forming a relationship with them and making them feel heard, cared for and appreciated. Products which serve a useful function and grant clients convenience, are excellent for expanding the reach of and interaction with your brand.


Promotional Gifts Power Banks

Promotional gifts power banks are the ideal product for promoting your brand or business. Branded marketing products offer your brand the chance to establish a platform of communication and connection with your clients or customers. Laying this foundation or further building your business relations can be cemented with excellent branded technology items such as portable chargers.

Products that are compact, portable and useful are marketing items which benefit your client the most and have double the reward for your business. Useful promotional products go a long way, providing long use, long lasting value and continued exposure of your brand.

Promotional gifts power banks are a promotional product which will have your clients satisfied with an item that provides easy use and great functionality in their daily lives. People desire convenience, instant access and the quickest solution, with a power bank you are granting them this.


Best Promotional Power Banks

Best promotional power banks are supplied by Brand Innovation in South Africa. We supply a wide range of portable chargers, power banks, wireless power banks and solar power banks. Our power banks range includes various sizes, colours and milliamp Hour power. Browse through our mobile technology category to view our full range of technology items.

High-end power banks are perfect for your corporate and executive clients as corporate gifts for your end of year gifts. Celebrate your clients and staff members with a branded gift which is valuable and useful.

Power banks are one of the best ways of communicating your marketing message and creating a connection to your audience. Technology items branded with your logo add great value to your brand and will always be on display.


Promotional Products Power Banks

Promotional products power banks, a range of portable chargers which are the best option for your marketing products.


End of Year Client Gift Ideas

End of year client gift ideas include power banks which are excellent executive gifts for your corporate clients. We supply a high-end range of power banks which are professional and smart looking, especially when debossed with your logo for a sleek and sophisticated finish. Ensure that your brand or business stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Presentation is key to how people perceive and interact with your brand.

Executive client gifts should represent your brand in a smart, simple and classy way, with branded power banks this can be achieved. A power bank grants your clients a stunning gift that serves a handy use and grants your business respect, loyalty and ultimately high-exposure and branding value.

Year end gifts are items that are timeless, classic, useful and offer your brand or business the opportunity to create a stable connection with your clients.


Power Bank and Torch

Power bank and torch, the perfect duo. A must-have product during power outages, long trips, camping adventures or any occasion that requires charging and light. 

A great corporate gift for executive clients, as it is super useful and will always come in handy. 

Market your logo with an item that is sure to be in sight and impress everyone with its 2-in-1 functionality.