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Promotional giveaways are without a doubt the most effective marketing technique across all age groups. This a cost effective, fun route to engage with your customers and effectively spread brand awareness. See our Altitude Gifts selection for a wider range of cost effective promotional gifts.

The most powerful promotional products add value to your customers lives, encouraging them to hang onto your product, integrating your branding into their daily lives. With this in in mind, our collection of promotional items is selected based on items being; useful, fun and trendy. Our sizable collection of promo items has everything you’d need for your next activation, promotion or giveaway!


Swag Promotional Products South Africa

Swag promotional products South Africa, we supply branded promotional items and clothing across South Africa. 

Swag products are items that are trendy, useful and offer your company great branding value. Ensure that your brand receives high levels of visibility and exposure with branded products. 


Swag Products South Africa

Swag products South Africa, are items that provide a use in everyone’s daily lives and keep your brand top of mind. 

Marketing products grant your brand maximum exposure and excellent potential for your brand or business growth. Branding your logo on trendy and useful items is the best form of marketing you can achieve for your company. Promote your brand with stylish products that will have a lasting and impactful effect on clients and customers. 


Swag Giveaways South Africa

Swag giveaways South Africa - the best promotional products and corporate gifts for all your marketing needs. Whether you need promo items for an event, corporate gifts for a conference or company event or branded items for a sports event, expos or trade shows, we’ve got you covered! 

Branded handouts or giveaways offer your brand or business the opportunity to connect with your target market, clients or customers. Tangible items like notebooks, bags, pens, water bottles, lanyards or mobile phone accessories enhance the experience people have with your brand or company. 

Promotional items with your logo on provide long lasting branding value and brand exposure. Branded water bottles, pens or notebooks for example, become part of everyone’s daily lives as they offer great use and convenience. 


Swag Promotional Merchandise South Africa

Swag promotional merchandise South Africa is the way to promote your brand or business. Branded promotional products offers you a long term benefit of brand exposure and ultimately provides you with free advertising after your initial branding costs. 

Imagine your branded products roaming every street and shop in South Africa. Gifting people your branded items at your company event, conference, promo stand or expo is your ticket to continued branding and visibility.

Promotional products enhance the experience of brand and connect your company with clients, staff and customers. 

The world of marketing is ever-changing and evolving rapidly towards a technology focused society, where TV and YouTube adverts are being ignored or skipped. Now is the time to invest your brand with tangible marketing items that people can use. 


Swag Supplier South Africa

Swag supplier South Africa - Brand Innovation is the supplier of swag products, branded promotional products, corporate gifts and branded clothing across South Africa.

Our promotional products range offers you a wide variety of fun, unique and useful promo items. The power of promotional products lies in the tangibility of the product, it is a physical representation of your brand or business. A branded item offers a relation and association with your business or brand. 


Swag Promotional Product Company in South Africa

Swag promotional product company in South Africa - we supply branded products, promotional items and corporate gifts in South Africa. 

Promotional products are a massive selling point for your brand or business. Branded items are one of the best forms of marketing. Promote your brand with useful and trendy items that will be in use daily by everyone. 


Supplier of Swag in South Africa

Supplier of swag in South Africa, we are a premium supplier of branded items, promotional goodies, corporate gifts and corporate clothing in South Africa. 

Conference giveaways are a great way to connect with your clients or employees and communicate your message. Handing out branded items at a conference or company event offers your business or brand the best chance at marketing your company. 

Branded swag gifts grant your logo optimal exposure and brand visibility. Keep your brand in sight and on everyone’s minds. 


Corporate Swag South Africa

Corporate swag South Africa is supplied by Brand Innovation. We supply a wide range of great gifts that will provide your brand with excellent branding value. 

Optimise your branding exposure with our top-selling corporate gifts and promotional products. Branding is a highly valuable part of advertising and marketing your brand identity. Ensure that your brand is on display with practical products that will be used many times over. 


Swag South Africa

Swag South Africa, we are the number one supplier of branded swag gifts across South Africa. Brand your logo on any of our promotional products or corporate gifts to gain maximum branding value and exposure. 

Boost your branding visibility with useful products that will continuously be in use and visible. 

Trendy promotional items like silicone phone card holders, pop grips, power banks and many more branded technology items and mobile accessories are very popular. 

Branding your logo on promotional products that are on trend, especially with young people, is invaluable to your brand. The youth are the future, who will one day be investing in your company, entrusting their business with your services, using your brand or interacting with your business. 


Tech Swag South Africa

Tech swag South Africa - branded technology is a growing medium of marketing and a very profitable way of promoting your brand. Imagine your logo on the back of every phone with a silicone phone card holder, on every pair of headphones in every train or street or every cable charger.

Branded technology products offer your brand an endless opportunity for brand exposure. Marketing your logo with technology items grants your brand high levels of value. Technology is in use everyday by everyone, a daily staple in many people’s lives. Your brand could be part of everyone’s daily lives

Giveaway Items

Giveawy items provide a more long-term form of marketing than other advertising methods. Instead of your brand featuring temporarily on a screen, or in a flash as your customers drive past a billboard, give away items feature more permanently in our lives. They’re a tangible form of advertising that gets assimilated into our day-to-day habits. This is an amazing way to make your business a familiar household name. Give away items provide the kind of marketing that generates a brand loyalty in customers that keeps them coming back to your brand.

Which promotional products have the longest staying power?

  • Corporate clothing items are kept for over a year

  • Umbrellas are kept for 14 months

  • T-shirts are kept for 14 months

  • USB’s are kept for 13 months

  • Desk items are kept for 13 months 

  • Golf shirts are kept for 13 months

  • Power Banks are kept for a year

  • Water bottles & mugs are kept for a year

  • Bags are kept for 11 months

  • Caps & beanies are kept for 11 months

  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. are kept for 9 months

  • Calendars are kept for 8 months.


Promotional products keep your brand top of mind, as they are useful items which can be used in daily life. If your branded items are being used everyday, your brand is always visible and leaving a lasting impression.

Promotional pens are one of the absolute best ways to promote your brand! 


  • Up to 89% of people own promotional pens.

  • Branded pens are kept for almost half a year.

  • Your promotional pens could reach up to 3000 impressions.

  • 51% of people are more inclined to do business with you because they received a promotional pen from you.

  • 20% of people own more than 10 promotional pens.

Promotional Products

Promotional products predict the needs of your clients and fill a lack they might not even have realised they had! Promotional products are selected for their universal usefulness, so that they have widespread impact. Our range includes the bread and butter promotional items that are useful to everyone, as well as unique and niche items for more targeted advertising. Our collection allows you to make a promotional products selection best suited to your marketing needs, for the highest possible impact.


Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are the marketing route guaranteed to give you more brand exposure for every rand you spend. The cost-effective nature of promotional gifts is one of their greatest strengths. It means that your giveaway items can be scaled up, and with them multiply the marketing impact of your promotional campaign. For the price of taking one client out for a round of golf, you could give multiple promotional gifts to as many clients! Promo items are a long-term advertising solution with widespread impact.


Giveaway Ideas

Giveaway ideas are our specialty! Brand Innovation’s range is vast and varied, with options suited to whatever your budget is. As a leading supplier of promotional items in South Africa, we would love to supply you with giveaway ideas that are appropriate for your brand identity and promotional goals. Please contact us via email: info@brandinnovation.co.za or on 0861 111 954 and we will be happy to assist you with giveaway ideas. We look forward to helping you!