Sample Pack 1 - Digital Branding Assorted (Set of 14)


Sample Pack 1 - Digital Branding Assorted (Set of 14)



Inside your pack you will find an assortment of 14 different items branded using various digital branding methods.

Digital branding allows you to print in bold, vivid colours to create eye-catching campaigns. Using these processes,gradient prints are easily and consistently achieved. Digital branding methods also allow for high-quality, photo-realisticprints which is evident in these samples.

The cost of digital branding is dependent on the size of the print and, as such, we have indicated the stock code andthe associated branding code for each item and included a table with pricing for each branding method at the size inthis sample pack. An explanation of each sample and the applied method is given below.

BAG-4330: DDT-C (larger than A5 and up to A4) BAG-3509: DDT-C (larger than A5 and up to A4)The benefits of this branding method include crisper prints on textured fabrics such as jute, where ink is oftenevident in screen printing; the elimination of backgrounds and the ability to print in full-colour on bags that canonly accommodate a 1 colour screen print. For a summary of all bags that this method can be applied to seepages 668 671 of our 2017/18 Promotional Gifts Catalogue.

DW-6935: DP-D (full wrap)
This is a new UV printing process that allows for a 1 position or full wrap print onto select drinkware items.As the machine coats the print in varnish the end result gives a raised feel, adding texture to the print.

LAN-015: DB
Domed stickers are digitally printed on adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to the required shape andsize. The stickers are then coated with a polyurethane resin which lends a three-dimensional appearance.These stickers are great to use in combination branding on notebooks or purpose-made recesses.

MUG-6379: SUB-B GIFT-17162: SUB-E LAN-025: SUB-C
Sublimation printing is a process done by way of a printer that uses sublimation inks. Sublimation printing ismore suited to white items; when printing on GIFT-17162 we cannot match the colours of the artwork suppliedexactly as the item is grey, you will, however see that the item still looks stunning branded in full colour.Mugs need to be manufactured with a special coating in order to allow for sublimation printing and fabricitems must be made from a minimum 60% polyester

1 NB-9335: Debossing - DIE-3 (6 001mm2 to 25 000mm2) Domed Sticker - DC (1 601mm2 to 30 000mm2)This combination branding process allows you to pair the subtle look of debossing with the vibrant colour ofa domed sticker to give a remarkable result. Dies are available in 3 different sizes; use a full coverage die formaximum effect.

2 NB-9335: Direct to Notebook Digital Print - DNB Digitally Printed Belly Band - BB-BUsing cutting-edge UV technology, we are now able to print in full-colour on select A5 and A6 notebooksin our range. Create exciting, almost edge-to-edge designs using this high-definition branding method.For a little something special, we have added a full-colour, digitally printed belly band.

3 NB-9335: Foil Hot Stamping - DIE-3 (6 001mm2 to 25 000mm2) Domed Sticker - DC (1 601mm2 to 30 000mm2) Digitally Printed Belly Band - BB-B

Similar to our deboss-&-dome combination branding, but with an additional pop of colour, foil-&-domecombination branding takes notebooks to the next level. Choose from one of 11 foiling colours and createa unique design. This process also requires a die where the price is dependent on the die size.Once again, the design is finished off with a full-colour, digitally printed belly band.

PEN-1569: DP-A GIFT-9985: DP-B SWT-9467: DP-A KH-7400: DP-B

Direct to product printing provides the ability to brand in full-colour directly onto products. Employing customengineeredjigs a specialised digital printing head transfers UV-cured ink onto the item creating a permanent print.Digital printing methods, whether coupled with different branding processes or used as stand-alone brandingproduce high impact, eye-popping results. With creativity you can employ these methods to give your clientsbrands maximum exposure!



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