Sample Pack 3 (Set of 24)


Sample Pack 3 (Set of 24)



This sample pack consists of an assortment of 24 different items supplied in a drawstring bag, all of which are digitally printed. Digital branding allows you to print in bold, vivid colours to create eye-catching campaigns. Using these processes, gradient prints are easily and consistently achieved. Digital branding methods also allow for high-quality, photo-realistic prints which is evident in these samples. Each of the 24 items has been branded using Direct to Product Printing, which provides the ability to brand in full-colour directly onto products. Employing custom-engineered jigs a specialised digital printing head transfers UV-cured ink onto the item creating a permanent print. The drawstring bag has been branded using our latest digital branding technology, allowing for a full-colour branding onto a wide assortment of bags and coolers in our range. A thumbnail overview of which items this branding process applies to can be found on pages 668 671 of our 2017/18 Promotional Gifts Catalogue. Digital branding methods produce high-impact, eye-popping results. With creativity you can employ these methods to give your clients brands maximum exposure!



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