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Swiss Cougar South Africa

Swiss Cougar South Africa are corporate gifts that are professional, unique and useful. The perfect end of year gift ideas for your executive clients. Gift branded items that are meaningful and memorable. 

Swiss Cougar Collection Video

Take your brand or company to the next level with luxurious gifts which offer your brand excellent branding value and long lasting use. Branded Bluetooth speakers and headphones are the future of corporate gifts. Super trendy, highly useful and great for keeping your brand top of mind. 

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Swiss Cougar Brand 

Swiss Cougar brand is a high-quality brand which includes sleek and stylish technology products. The collection includes exclusive and elegant power banks, tech backpacks, useful lanterns, wireless chargers, trendy Bluetooth speakers and headphones. 

The Swiss Cougar Collection presents an effortlessly sleek and ultra executive range of technology items. Stunning end of year gifts for your corporate clients, which are useful, high-quality and exude luxury. The range includes; Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, executive power banks, lanterns, tech backpacks and wireless chargers. Enhance your brand or company with gifts that are professional, high-end and offer your brand long lasting value.

Swiss Cougar Phantom Bluetooth Headphones

Swiss Cougar Phantom Bluetooth headphones are fun, colourful and compact. Wireless headphones are super trendy with young people and highly useful for long travelling hours. Imagine your logo on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, everyone will be walking, dancing and singing to the beat of your branded Bluetooth headphones! Available in blue, lime green, red, white and black. Featuring up to 10 metres of Bluetooth roaming, includes a 3.5 mm cable jack, FM radio receiver so you can tune into your favourite station and so many other cool features!


Swiss Cougar New York Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Swiss Cougar Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones are a fantastic corporate gift that is memorable and super useful. Featuring excellent sound quality and a high-quality design. Sophisticated and modern, whenever someone walks with these Bluetooth headphones, your brand will be visible and top of mind! Brand your company logo on the stylish case for maximum branding exposure. 

An ideal gift for frequent flyers, tech related jobs or as a thoughtful gift for your staff. Including noise cancelling which blocks out surrounding sound, so you can listen to music in peace. Roam free up to 10m without the fuss of cables. Compact, useful for everyday and memorable, order your branded Bluetooth headphones today!


Swiss Cougar Bluetooth Headphones

Swiss Cougar Bluetooth headphones provide excellent sound quality, comfortable listening and compact convenience. Ideal for long flights, train rides or to pass the time wandering around. Music is what connects people to feelings, dreams and inspiration. Bluetooth headphones are easy to use, no fuss and very popular. 

Your brand could be strolling down every street, waiting in every airport lounge to board, nodding to a beat in every train or bus. For every intermission in life, music fills the void, boosts every mood and makes time pass in pleasure. Let your branded Bluetooth headphones be the item that showcases your brand to the world and gets every head bobbing and body moving. 

Market your brand or company with unique, useful and trendy products, that will provide long lasting branding value.


Our range of Swiss Cougar Bluetooth headphones include:

  • Swiss Cougar Phantom Bluetooth headphones 

  • Swiss Cougar Copenhagen wired headphones

  • Swiss Cougar Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones

  • Swiss Cougar Rio Bluetooth headphones


Swiss Cougar Bluetooth Speakers

Swiss Cougar Bluetooth speakers are superb quality, high-powered and an excellent brand. Bluetooth speakers are an extremely popular product which provide hours of fun and entertainment for every party! Turn up the mood for your office party, enhance your dinner party, take your bluetooth speaker with for pumping up picnics or trips to the beach.

Wireless speakers are perfect for every occasion, even solo dances at home or cooking in the kitchen. Swiss Cougar Bluetooth speakers offer your brand fantastic brand visibility and exposure.Wherever your branded speaker is playing, people are around to see your brand. Music is such an integral part of everyone's daily lives, so why not make your brand part of that?


Swiss Cougar Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Swiss Cougar Bluetooth wireless speakers will be the winner as your end of year gift for your corporate clients or executive staff members. Gift a product that is meaningful, offers great use and is an excellent brand. 

Unique end of year gift ideas can be difficult to come by, so why not give something that is different from any other corporate gift? Bluetooth wireless speakers are an item that clients will be surprised by and love! Clients will more than likely be receiving multiple end of year gifts from various brands, companies or organisations. Make your impression lasting and valuable to their lives and your brand with Swiss Cougar Bluetooth wireless speakers.


Select from our range of luxury Bluetooth speakers:

  • Swiss Cougar London Bluetooth speaker and FM radio

  • Swiss Cougar Tokyo wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker

  • Swiss Cougar Chicago Bluetooth speaker and FM radio