BIC Clic Stic Pen



Bic Pens – Are you looking for a great quality, branded pen for your office in South Africa? The Bic brand has a long history and a great reputation and Brand Innovation supplies the Bic brand nation wide.

·  Mix and match colours
·  Totally customisable
·  USA best seller
·  Black ink
·  Takes a 3 colour print on the barrel
·  4cm x 2cm branding area.

This pen has a simple and clean design that can be branded with your logo. A printed pen makes a great promotional itemBranded pens are a great way to promote your company. Though they are small, they are powerful. The pen is mightier than the sword, and Bic Pens are there for you when you need them

Like the Bic Click Stic. This is a bestselling pen in the United States, giving it an international flair to it as well. Made in France, loved in the States? This is truly an international pen and one that you want in your office.

This pen can be branded with up to 3 colours on the barrel and 1 colour on the clip.You can choose from these colours to customise your pen:

·  Silver
·  White
·  Red
·  Navy
·  Black

Please Note: We do not supply these BIC pens unbranded.

Bic produces an awesome range of great pens for offices and for companies. The brand is French in origin, named after its founder Marcel Bich, who made the company name a shortened version of his own surname.

They’re office pens. Pens that you use for work and to fill in forms, but they are so important. And the fact that Bic makes great quality pens and has been making those pens since 1945 is a testament to how much the world needs them. What if all the pens in banks, or in insurance offices just stopped working? It would be a disaster!

Which is just one more reason to put your brand on a BIC pen. These awesome pens are cost effective quality that are portable and suitable to take your branding.

A promotional pen printed with your brand is a great way to draw attention to your brand every single day. Pens are one of those things that people use every day, like soap. And if someone changes the soap that you use every day, you’re bound to notice.

Promotional pens are a staple of the marketing. And Bic is the titan of promotional and corporate pens. This slim, stylish ball point pen will clic, write and sign its way to being one of your favourite Branded Bic Pens.



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