BIC Stic Round Printed Pen



Bic South Africa -  Having your promotional pens branded is like signing a birthday present to your clients. Brand Innovation supplies a range of Bic Pens in South Africa!

·  Mix and Match colours

·  Customisable pen

·  Three ink colours

·  45mm x 20mm branding area

·  Can be branded in up to 3 colours

The BIC Stic Round Pen is our most popular BIC Pen. This pen is known worldwide as a tried and trusted pen. A BIC Pen is a great marketing product - having your logo on a pen that is used on a daily basis ensures that your clients are thinking about you.

This is a plastic ballpoint pen with round barrel that is great for branding
This pen can be printed with a beautiful logo in up to 2 colours.

Bic is a company that’s been producing pens that are guaranteed to write since the 1940s. They are a world-renowned brand that creates products that look great and perform beautifully.

This Bic Clic Pen is an amazing promotional pen, and it’s one of our best sellers! It’s a rounded office pen that you can make entirely your own.

You get to choose the barrel colour, the plug, the cap and the ink! This is the ultimate in customising your corporate pens to be exactly what you want them to be.

You can choose from these colours for the pen ink:

·  Red

·  Blue

·  Black

For the barrel of this pen you can choose from

·  White

·  Black

For the cap and plug you can have:

·  Black

·  Navy

·  Blue

·  Turquoise

·  Bottle Green

·  Green

·  Brown

·  Red

·  Grey

·  White

Printed Pens are a great way to showcase your brand and have your customers thinking about you all the time. A pen is an essential item in the grand scheme of things. To sign papers, to take down numbers, to draw. Pens are an outlet for creativity and self expression, a must have item for everyone, wherever you go.

There have been studies that prove that promotional gifts increase the likelihood of your client feeling valued by your company. It also makes your clients more likely to be loyal to your brand, and even to go out and act on that loyalty. Isn’t it amazing what a pen can do?

These are gorgeous pens that make a really awesome promotional gift or office pen. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Bic South Africa.



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