Electra Ball Pen

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Branded Pens -  The promotional pen is mightier than the sword. And this pen definitely might. It’s also incredibly popular and available in South Africa from Brand Innovation.
It comes in 12 colours
It is also available in a Pen and Pencil Set

·  Plastic barrel
·  Silver accents
·  12 Colours
·  Black German Ink

This colourful corporate pen is a must have for your marketing strategy, for many, many reasons. It’s bright, it’s funky, and this design is the most popular promotional pen in the world.

That’s right.

The world.

Wouldn’t you like to know why?

It might have something to do with awesome, eye catching array of colours that it comes in. Twelve in all. It also might have something to do with those stylish silver accents on the barrel, clip and nib. It might also be the fact that it’s filled with black German ink.

It’s sleek design and playful colours make it a must have for company branded pens.

Printed pens are a standard item for promotion companies. A pen is such a small thing. How can you possibly have pens marketing your brand successfully?

You can!

A pen has amazing capabilities. Here are some of the key features of a promotional pen that are going to benefit your company.

·  Buying pens in bulk is cost effective
·  Pens can travel the world! This gets your brand plenty of exposure
·  They’re great giveaway items
·  Giving people gifts makes them happy.

That last point might seem a little non-sequitur, but there is a science behind that, and it ties in with the point above it

Studies have been done that show that giving people promotional gifts makes them six times more likely to feel like a valued client than someone who’s only encountered media about your brand. They are also three times as likely to be loyal to your brand and twice as likely to support your brand in future.
And all that for a pen? I told you the pen was mightier than the sword.

But how does a pen help you spread the word about your company? That’s where we come into it. Brand Innovation supplies pens in bulk with your logo. Or your slogan, your website details, whatever it is that you want to fit into your 55mm x 6mm high branding area.

Logo Printed Pens

Printed pens that have your logo on them are easily identifiable as coming from your company. It makes sense to get a branded pen, particularly for a giveaway. After all, if it was someone’s birthday and you gave them a present, you’d sign your name on the card, wouldn’t you?  Putting your name on your promo pen means that the person who receives your gift can know exactly where their new favourite pen comes from. And if you’re going with the Electra Ball pen, then it’s a definite winner.

Of course, there’s more to these stunning pens than being giveaway items. Though they are cost effective and eye catching. They can also be used as corporate pens.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could whip out a gorgeous, branded corporate pen to sign your documents when you were doing business? With the Electra, you can. After all, when you use pens for marketing, you can use those same pens again for your offices. It just makes sense.

Promotional Pens Wholesale

Okay, so you’re keen on the Electra pen. Of course you are, you have good taste. But now you need to get them for your event or your office. How does one go about making bulk pen orders?

To order your pens in bulk, all you need to do is contact us and tell us. Because we’re a bulk supplier, we do have minimum order quantity of 250 units. The upswing of that is that the more pens you order from us, the more you save on the individual price.  Those are the joys of getting promotional pens wholesale.
And they have a myriad of uses, from bulk pens for business to bulk promotional pens.

Pens are also a really great real estate promotional items. You can also use pens for marketing.
They can be for your events, your conferences. A pen can be whatever you need it to be.

Including a little bit of magic.

A sword – archaic a method of self-defence as it might be – can protect lives with force. But there is force. A pen, on the other hand, is a tool for education and learning. A pen lets you share thoughts. It lets you communicate with other people through images and with words.

Pens are an awesome gift to give to schools. Pens are tools of literacy and numeracy. A pen is only a writing instrument. But that one writing instrument can help people create whole new worlds, whether by drawing or writing. Giving someone a pen could be the first step on the journey to the next Da Vinci, or an international bestseller. When it’s used as a conduit for human ingenuity, there’s no limit to the potential that a pen has.

Pen Gift Sets

As mentioned above, this one also comes in a pen set with a matching pencil. The pen and pencil in there com in 6 different colours and they have a pen gift sets south Africa Your pen is accompanied by a matching printed clutch pencil in a clear pouch, so that the beauty of their colours is on full display.

Promotional Pens South Africa

Where in South Africa are you needing your awesome Electra pen? Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of promotional items and corporate goods in South Africa and Africa, so you can have your pens in bulk wherever you need them. We deliver!

·  Branded pens Durban
·  Branded pens Pretoria
·  Branded pens Cape Town

So, whether you need promotional pens in Cape Town or Corporate Gifts in Pretoria East, Brand Innovation is there for you. We want to delight our customers to be happy.

If you’re interested in having a look at some branded pens with price tags attached in the Gauteng area, why not have a look at our Promo Jozi web store? We have pens for sale online on that site.
Brand innovation is a leading supplier of wholesale pens in South Africa, and we’d love to help you get your Branded Pens.



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