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Cross pens are unique, exquisite writing instruments known for their beauty. These pens are made with jewellery quality craftsmanship and the best materials. The A.T. Cross company puts so much faith in the quality of their products, that each Cross pen comes with a lifetime warranty on the mechanism.
Cross is a company steeped in tradition. The first Cross pens were created in 1846 by the founder of the company, Richard Cross. Since then the Cross Company has re-envented their writing instruments by combining the trusted classic pens with modern design and style.

One thing that has remained true about these executive pens are that they are great quality pens that you can depend on.

A Cross Pen makes a stunning corporate gift and we can engrave these pens with your company logo or a personalized name.

Cross is also a brand that is constantly evolving and moving with the times. They produce pens for many occasions, from the Chinese New Year to the new Star Wars movie. They have a great range of products that look utterly fantastic.  Cross is America‚Äôs darling, the company being one of the top pen suppliers in the United States.

So much so that Cross is the pen brand of choice for American presidents, hand has been for many, many years. The tradition of using Cross Pens started with Gerald Ford, and has continued to this day. They were named the official supplier of pens to the Whitehouse in the 1970s under Bill Clinton and the tradition has continued through to this day. The Townsend was the pen of choice for Presidents Clinton and Bush (GW), and while Obama did use the Townsend, he shook things up a little by having the Century II pen as his Presidential pen, a tradition that his successor has continued. Just in case you would like to use the same pens as the President of the United States.

Having pens like this branded for your company is a beautiful way to celebrate the success of your business. They look stunningly beautiful, they are high quality (that lifetime mechanism warrantee) and they are well known pens. They also make for stunning executive corporate gifts. 

If you are looking for a more unique touch, the pens can be branded with a custom emblem on the pen clip. This is done by Cross internationally and then shipped to Cross South Africa where we distribute to our clients.

Brand Innovation is proud to be a supplier of Cross pens in South Africa. To order your pens, email us nowWhen it comes to stunning quality and beautiful design, you'll make an excellent choice by choosing Cross Pens.