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Branded tablecloths are a fun addition to any and all corporate merch! They are great for brand visibility, brand recognition, and your overall brand image. Coming in different sizes and materials, these tablecloths and table covers can be customized to suit your brand.

This versatile merchandise can be used at all corporate events and although they may need a little maintenance, the payoff is worth it! Let us tell you why.

Benefits of Printed Tablecloths

Printed tablecloths are fantastic for your brand image, they add to the professionalism of your brand as they act as quiet, subtle ambassadors. Custom tablecloths are the perfect combination of functionality and effective marketing that can enhance your brand at any corporate function, trade show, or business gathering.

These blank canvases let you create a lasting impression that perfectly suits your brand and convey your message in an impactful way without whispering a word. Plus, they are amazing for not only brand recognition but brand recall!

Size and Materials of Printed Table Covers

When you are looking for a printed table cover there are a few things you should remember in your search:

  1. Consider Table Size: It is important that your custom tablecloth is not too big or too small for your table so when you are on the hunt you should also keep the table size in mind.
  2. The Nature of The Event: Different materials have different properties that are suited for different occasions. So, when you're getting your printed table covers ordered you should take into account if your events are indoors or outdoors and buy accordingly.

Here are a few materials we have on offer:

  • PVC: PVC is a lightweight and durable material that is resistant to abrasions, and great for outdoor events.
  • Fabric: Fabric is lightweight, stretchable and breathable. They also can hold up against being used frequently and laundering.
  • Spandex: Spandex is a lightweight material that can be stretched multiple times and still recovers to its original length. It is durable, resistant to abrasions, and smooth and soft.

Brand Innovation Expert Custom Tablecloth Design Tips

When designing your custom tablecloth, it is important to ensure your design is fun and effective. We would recommend you keep your simple and readable while staying focused on representing your brand in the best way possible. So, pick colours and designs that suit your brand, such as your company colours or company logo.

We also recommend using high-quality images and fonts to make sure your custom tablecloth is readable and visually appealing. And don’t forget to keep the event in mind as you would want your business to look the best!

Versatility of Branded Table Covers

Branded table covers are versatile merch as they can be used for many different events, such as trade shows, conferences, weddings, and product launches. Our branded table covers are also cost-effective as you no longer have to rent tablecloths when any corporate function rolls around.

Another versatile use is that these table covers are reusable, so these branding options are available to you no matter the time of year.

Maintaining and Storing your Custom Branded Tablecloths

We know how exciting it is when you receive your custom merch, but when it comes to your custom-branded tablecloths it is important to remember these points to make sure they last:

  1. Clean your tablecloths properly, making sure they are free from stains and marks before you pack them away.
  2. Follow the cleaning instructions applicable to your chosen material.
  3. Store your tablecloths in a cool, dry place.
  4. After every use you should look out for any damage or stains and see to them sooner rather than later.

By following these easy guidelines for your custom-branded tablecloths, they will be sure to last long.