Vitality Power Bank Gift Set (Incl 3-Way Connector)


Vitality Power Bank Gift Set (Incl 3-Way Connector)

Code : GIFTSET-6071-S


This Fantastic Power Bank Gift Set includes our Vitality Power Bank (TECH-4447), 3 Way Connector Cable (TECH-4435) as well as our (PEN-1563), presented in an elegant black presentation box.

The default price of the power bank relates to the combination of the pictured power bank, 3 way connector cable, pen and gift box.

This giftset is made up of a number of parts which we consolidate to make up the set. When checking stock on hand of the gift set, please note that you should view the stock on hand of the colour TECH-4447, TCH-4435 and the colour PEN-1563 you would like the set to be made up with. We will include the presentation box, GIFTBOX-005 on the invoice.

Please also note that you have the opportunity to add a different pen to this giftset but this will then impact the price of the giftset.



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