LED Torch Power Bank 5600mAh


LED Torch Power Bank 5600mAh

Code : IDEA-3354


This LED Torch Power Bank is a great combo gadget that can charge your smart phone and also functions as a light. The Dynamis LED Power Bank is a 5600mAh charger that is strong enough to charge a tablet or iPad, as well as any cell phone. This portable charger includes a handy 4-in-1 charging cable.

Features of this Torch Power Bank:

  • Capacity: 5600mAh
  • LED light with an on-off switch
  • Input: 5v/1A (max)
  • Output: 5V/1A (max)
  • Includes Velveteen carry pouch
  • Packaged in a black box
  • Multi 4-in-1 adaptor (micro USB, mini USB, lightning adaptor (iPhone 5/6) and 30 pin adaptor)
  • Life cycle ± 500 times



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