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Tech gifts are a great way to market your company. Giving your clients or staff the latest technology corporate gifts will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Technology is a very big part of our everyday lives, with new and exciting gadgets coming out on a regular basis. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of the latest tech gifts and new gadgets for the corporate market. 

We supply a range of great branded technology gifts with your company logo. Whether you are looking for USB gadgets, cellphone chargers or solar products, we have it all.

Using Tech Gifts to Advertise Your Company:

Using the latest technology items as marketing gifts is sure-fire way to impress your clients. Not only will these items show that your company is ahead of it's game, but they are often very handy for both business use and leisure.
  • Tech items can often be used for business and leisure
  • These items shows that your company is modern
  • Great for a younger target audience

The Promolink Mobile Cable TECH-4299

The Promolink cable adaptor is a prime example of a gadget gift with great branding opportunity. This is a very useful multi-port USB cable that can be used to charge multiple different mobile phones or devices at once. 

This cable has 4 different connectors;
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • Micro USB
  • USB

The cable is branded with a beautiful full colour dome of your company logo.

To order your awesome Promo Link cable email us now, or view our range of Tech Gifts for more great ideas. 

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