Branded Logo Blankets

Branded logo blankets are the essential must-have item for winter. Beat the chill and keep everyone warm with your branded blankets with your logo on! Blankets are a staple for the chilly months, and a product that is always in use in every home. 

Our range of blankets offer you great value, excellent branding and provide fantastic use. 
Mckinley Sherpa Blanket Code: GIFT-17150
Home  Corporate Gifts  Blankets Everest Sherpa Blanket Code: GIFT-17102
Cocoon Fleece Blanket And Bag Code: GIFT-9441
Cuddle Fleece Blanket Code: GIFT-9444

Bulk Fleece Blankets

Bulk fleece blankets, we supply large quantities of stunning fleece blankets that will keep the cold out and the warmth in. Our range of fleece blankets are ideal as corporate gifts for your end of year gifts for clients, company events, outdoor events or as a promotional giveaway item to promote your brand. 

Gain great brand exposure, value and visibility with a branded winter blanket. Imagine your branded blanket in every home, at every camping excursion or corporate weekend trip. The places your logo wil appear and be in sight is endless. Blankets branded with your logo are also excellent for schools and universities, who go on school camps or for their boarding houses. 

Branded Blankets Supplier South Africa

Branded blankets supplier South Africa, we are the top supplier of branded blankets in South Africa. 

Blankets are a top-seller throughout the year, the popularity lies in their ability to be suitable for almost any marketing campaign and offer of timeless use. 

Let your brand be on display everywhere from every home to every picnic area, park, hotel, safari lodge, game reserve or school.

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