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Personalized Umbrellas

Personalized umbrellas are no fair-weather friend. Come rain or shine, this is a promotional item that acts as an extremely practical medium for marketing. Personalized umbrellas are a versatile product. They make amazing giveaway items and corporate gifts, and incredible company swag items to raise brand awareness. Our range includes compact umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and golf umbrellas. Whether your next activation is at the beach, or you have a promotion outdoors during the rainy season, we’ve got you (literally) covered!

For a wider variety of summer see our summer gift collection.

Why are branded umbrellas are valuable for your brand?

  • 58% of people state that the quality of branded umbrellas is the main reason for keeping it

  • 59% of baby boomers keep branded umbrellas for more than 2 years

  • Achieves 1,100 impressions during its lifetime

  • Kept for over a year

Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are one of those great items one can never have too many of. A cheerful umbrella is a welcomed item on a miserable rainy day! Promotional umbrellas are a universally functional gift, that gives anyone the shield they need against the rain. As the season changes, predict the needs of your customers with this delightful gift.


Swag Umbrella

Swag umbrella - promotional umbrellas make perfect company swag. A useful gift is the most important box for a promotional item to tick. Customers are much more likely to hold onto a branded item if it can easily slip into their everyday lives as a useful item. So a swag umbrella is a long term branding option. It will be marketing your brand long after your promotional giveaway!

Custom Umbrella

Custom umbrella - a swag umbrella also offers a uniquely perfect opportunity for marketing. An overhead umbrella is a very visible platform for your branding to stand out. A range of colours and styles makes this the perfect company swag item to customise to your brand identity. Fun colour choices and charming umbrella options make an amazing backdrop to emblazon your company name on. A custom umbrella is the perfect soapbox for your branded messaging.


Promotional Beach Umbrella

Promotional beach umbrella - this is the perfect company swag item to consider as the weather warms up. Summer promotions allow you take full advantage of the busy festival season. Let’s make sure you’re fully kitted out! Our options are not just well suited to being near the sand and sea. A promotional beach umbrella is the perfect company swag addition to any promotion under the hot African sun. Promotional beach umbrellas provide incredible visibility to increase brand awareness. Prevent pink skin and discomfort this summer with this excellent corporate branding choice!


Wholesale Umbrellas

Wholesale umbrellas - Brand Innovation is a leading supplier of wholesale umbrellas in South Africa. With a varied selection available, we offer options suitable for any promotional event. To chat to an account executive about the wholesale umbrellas available or any other queries, please contact us via email or on 0861 111 954. We look forward to assisting you!