How to put together a corporate clothing uniform collection for your company

how to put together a corporate clothing uniform collection for your company
Many people would agree that image is an important factor in the corporate environment. You may be working at a top law firm that requires you to wear a blazer, a shirt, or a formal pants to represent your brand professionally.

However, some companies like creative firms or marketing organisations like to keep their dress code casual. It all depends on the type of industry you work for.

Below are some guidelines that can help you in putting a corporate clothing uniform for your company.
The Guidelines to know when planning a corporate uniform:  

Plan a budget
  • Have an idea of what you would like to spend
  • Find out the costs of the item before making a purchase
  • Compare prices and quotes to select the most affordable option
  • Businesses that are looking to save can look at cost-effective items.
Are you buying for men and women?

Does your business consist of only men or only women?
Are you going for a more formal look or a casual look to represent your business?
It is important to have a list of all your employee’s sizes. Depending on the type of business you are in corporate uniforms can include fleece jackets, chino pants, blouse or golf shirts.  

What colour clothing do you want your uniform to be?
  • Reflecting your brand’s colours with customised workwear is a great way to help your staff look the part.
  • Select garments that complement your branding
  • If your brand has a colourful logo, you can try a simple core colour option
  • You can include your company logo to be unique and stand out

Choose durable fabrics with care
Below are three fabric options that I would recommend. These fabrics are durable and long-lasting.
  • Cotton- breathable fabric and allows proper air circulation
  • Polyester- Draws moisture away from skin
  • Polyester Blends 

Brand Innovation offers a wide variety of corporate clothing brands for men and women.
Our collection is curated and includes some of the leading worldwide brands of corporate wear. Some of the corporate brands we carry include;
Why is corporate clothing important?
  • Business owners and employees want to create a good first-impression.  
  • Create some motivation for your employees to perform well.
  • Represent your company name professionally.

What your employees wear to work matters: Here’s why
  • Creating a great impression and brand awareness through a professional image
  • Consumers can put their full trust into the brand
  • Creates a professional image for the brand
  • Brand exposure: Corporate uniforms is a really great way of increasing your company’s exposure.
  • Branded Clothing Functions can increase the visibility of your brand, because your logo goes wherever the wearer goes.
  • Your job might require you to wear protective clothing when working in the field of construction, building, the mining industry or even working in the kitchen
  • You may need protective head gear, work trousers, work shorts, specific overalls, conti-suits or safety shoes.
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