Lanyards for every occasion

Lanyards are a wonderful promotional item.

Cost-effective, they last forever and showcase your brand, subliminal marketing at its best.
Promotional lanyards are used every day all over the world in a variety of industries like corporate offices, government sectors, hospitals, trade shows, conferences and events. 

And how much easier to find your car or house keys when they are on a lanyard!
1. Promotional lanyards 
2. Places where promotional lanyards can be used
3. Why are lanyards a great promo idea? 
4. Dye sublimation lanyards 
5. Petersham lanyards 
6. Branded lanyards
7.Types of promotional lanyards 
8. Lanyards for students 
9. Lanyards in corporate offices 
10. Lanyards for events and concert staff
11. Lanyards for government staff 
12. Lanyards for doctors and nurses 
13. Lanyards for media companies 

Promotional Lanyards 

Promotional lanyards can be used in corporate meetings and conferences.

Wearing lanyards helps you to identify staff from other organisations.

They are also used to showcase their ID or access cards. 

Students can use lanyards when they attend examinations to show their student card.

Visitors that are attending meetings at other organisations can wear a lanyard for security reasons.

Places where promotional lanyards can be used include:

  • Sports events and championships
  • Charity events
  • Guest speakers and MC’s at events
  • Cancer awareness events
  • Corporate conferences
  • Reporters and journalists
  • Students
  • Can be used every day

Why are lanyards a great promo idea?

Lanyards are great promotional ideas because they can be used to attach your ID badge on it.

You can even attach your flash drive or your gym membership card to a lanyard.

Lanyards are great promotional items because this item can be used for multiple meetings, conferences, and student examinations.


Dye sublimation lanyards

Dye sublimation lanyards allow full colour branding.

Allow your brand to shine!

Petersham lanyards

Our Petersham lanyards are normal lanyards that go around your neck.

Each Petersham lanyard has a different clip.
  • Cost-effective
  • Screen-printing available for up to 4 colours

We have 4 Petersham lanyards available for you.

The Petersham lanyards come with a snap clip, a crocodile clip or a lobster clip.

Browse our Petersham lanyards here.

Full Colour Lanyard with Satin Finish

The colour-max lanyard-satin finish has awesome colours and  includes full-colour branding on both sides.
  • Lots of stock quantities
  • Choose from three attachments.
  • The options are lobster claw, a snap hook or a bulldog clip.
  • Great price
  • Branding option – Sublimation


Branded lanyards do create more awareness for your brand.
Whether your branded lanyard is used at schools for examinations or corporate industries, consumers will have a constant reminder of your brand.

Reporters can always use lanyards when they attend media conferences, court hearings or interviews.

This way people will be able to recognize the company you are working for.

Lanyards are useful for the following industries, which include...

Types of promotional lanyards 

Lanyards for students

  • Student ID’s and cards can be used in a lanyard to show examiners your details when you enter exam rooms
  • Teachers and exam invigilators use lanyards for students to identify them. 
  • Lanyards are used to show your ID. 
  • They are also used to showcase your access cards. 

Lanyards in corporate offices

  • Companies like law firms, insurance and media production companies can keep a supply of lanyards.
  • Corporate businesses use lanyards for visitors.
  • Visitors wear lanyards for security purposes.

Lanyards for events and concert staff

  • Lanyards can be used for events and concerts to identify the people that are working backstage.
  • For safety reasons, lanyards are used to identify people quickly.
  • Concert staff can use lanyards to enter security areas for work reasons.

Lanyards for government staff

  • Government buildings have different sectors with a wide variety of staff members.
  • Having a lanyard with their details can allow staff to move from one security area to the next.
  • Lanyards can help you to know the different sectors of government.

Lanyards for doctors and nurses

  • Lanyards are useful for doctors and nurses.
  • Some hospitals have security areas.
  • Lanyards with staff identification numbers will be required to access certain areas in the building.

Lanyards for media companies

  • Reporters can use lanyards for the public to identify them.
  • Journalists use lanyards at media conferences
  • Journalists with lanyards around their neck can be recognized in public areas or in court.
  • Media speakers can use lanyards for conferences and certain events.

Allow your brand to look its best with Brand Innovation! 

We are thrilled to assist you.  

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