New Altitude Jackets For 2020

New Altitude Jackets For 2020:
1. The history of the Altitude brand
2. What to consider before buying a winter jacket for your staff?
3. Winter jackets as part of a corporate clothing uniform
4. Types of Altitude jackets available
5. What branding options work best for corporate winter jackets?

New Altitude jackets for 2020

We have brand new Altitude jackets ready for you.

We have created this guideline to help you choose the right corporate winter jacket
or any business occasion or office meeting.

1. The history of the Altitude brand in South Africa

New Altitude is a great clothing brand in South Africa.

The Altitude brand has been in the promotional industry in South Africa for more than 20 years.
With 20 years of great success within Africa, the Altitude Brand has achieved
392 promotional products with 14 categories.

We also offer showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Kenya and Zambia.

Brand Innovation is a top distributor of the Altitude brand.

The Altitude brand consists of a wide range of promotional products, corporate clothing and gifts.
2. What to consider before buying a winter jacket for your staff?
1.2 Look at your budget

As a business, it is important to have a planned budget in place.

The price of winter jackets are different because of the material and the quality.

Compare the prices of jackets and pick the right price that suits your pocket.

1.3 Ensure that you have the right sizes of all staff

Always make sure that you have the exact size of every staff member.
3. Winter jackets as part of a corporate clothing uniform

Altitude jackets are great items to add to your business’s corporate clothing uniform.

Staff members wearing a corporate uniform promotes your brand.

Corporate uniforms create team spirit and even a sense of belonging.

A uniform also creates a positive impression for your company.


4. Types of Altitude jackets in South Africa

There are 12 brand new Altitude jackets for ladies and 13 Altitude jackets for men.

The Men’s Hudson jacket is a cool corporate jacket:
  • This jacket is fully padded and made from polyester.
  • Black, grey and navy are our available colours. 
  • Great sock holding, so you can place your orders with us.
  • The branding options include digital transfer and embroidery.

More Altitude jackets for men include:
  • Men’s Atomic jacket
  • Unisex Alti-Mac Terry Jacket
  • Men’s Patagonia Fleece jacket
  • Men’s Colorado jacket
  • Men’s Rover jacket
  • Men’s Atomic jacket
  • Men’s Colorado jacket

The Ladies Hamilton and Hudson jackets are awesome corporate jackets.

The Ladies Hamilton jacket is made from polyester.

This jacket is suitable for winter because it has a polar fleece lining, keeping you warm throughout the day.

Colour options for the Ladies Hamilton jacket include:
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Khaki

More Altitude jackets for ladies:
  • Ladies Andes jacket (Available for men)
  • Ladies Oslo Micro Fleece jacket
  • Ladies Patagonia Fleece jacket

5. What branding option works best for corporate winter jackets?

If you are looking for branding options, we have 12 cool options.

Embroidery, digital transfer and screen printing are suitable for branding jackets.

Other branding options include:
  • Laser engraving
  • Debossing
  • Sublimation printing
  • Digital printing
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Doming
  • Belly bands
  • Foil hot stamping
  • Pad printing Vinyl stickers

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