Corporate and Promotional Branding Solutions

Corporate branding methods for promotional products and corporate gifts offered by Brand Innovation, for you to choose from.

Our wide variety of branding methods are here to help you find the best branding option for specific products, to ensure your brand can look and be the best.

Browse through our different branding types to better understand the procedures and what method works for the products you wish to brand.

If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to assist you in choosing the best type of branding for your product.

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When would you use Screen Printing for your branded products?

Usually for items such as:
  • T-shirts
  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Notebooks
  • Folders

Why is Screen Printing a good branding option?

  • Cost-effective.
  • Great for a large amount of products. 
  • Allows single or multi-colour branding of up to 6 colours.
  • Usually an ideal option if your artwork/text is big and bold.

How does the Screen Printing branding process work?

1. Your artwork/text is exposed onto a mesh screen, where the blank areas are coated with an airtight substance.

2. Ink is then placed onto the screen and a squeegee pushes the ink through the screen into the areas where your artwork/text has been imposed.

3. Each screen made then acts as a layer, with each layer printed in order to build up a complete image of your artwork/text.

Mens Adelaide Contrast T-Shirt in White/Navy Code BAS-802
 Tropics Compact Umbrella in Green Code: UMB-7550
Clifton Cooler in Orange Code COOL-13


    Which items are best for Laser Engraving?

  • Pens
  • Key rings
  • Metal mugs
  • Flasks
  • BBQ accessories 
  • Personalized awards

    Why is Laser Engraving a good branding option?

  • Creates a subtle and upmarket impression.
  • A permanent branding method, your artwork/text cannot scratch off.
  • Ideal for very detailed logos and small branding areas.

    How does the Laser Engraving branding process work?

1) Your artwork/text is incised into a metal product with a laser beam, replicating your artwork/text with precise accuracy.

2) The laser “burns” the top layer of the product off and reveals the layer beneath.

  • This process does not allow for colour.
  • The colour of the branding is determined by the metal underneath (can be an be charcoal, white, bronze, shades of brown).
  • This cannot be chosen and can differ between artworks. 
  • If the layer beneath is a different colour to the top layer, when engraved, the bottom layer’s colour is exposed.
  • For example a pen engraves the colour of the base metal.
Delta Torch in Black Code: TOOL-9660
 Globetrotter World Clock Code: DC-9050
 Glint Keyholder Code: KH-7080
Afrique Ball Pen Code: AC-2005


    When would you use CO² Laser Engraving?

Used on certain organic materials such as:
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Wood

    Why is CO² Laser Engraving a good branding option?

  • Typically used for logos with fine detail.
  • Creates a permanent and classy look.
  • Brands logos with great accuracy.

    How does the CO² Laser Engraving branding process work?

1) Your artwork/text is burnt into a product with a CO² laser

2) The laser removes the top layer of the item, which exposes the second layer.


    Which items are best for Laser Etching?

Laser etching allows items to branded without damaging the garment or compromising the material. 
  • Across zippers
  • Over buttons
  • Over seams

    Why is Laser Etching a good branding option?

  • Creates a modern tone-on-tone look which cannot be replicated by any other branding processes.
  • Allows for highly detailed images or logos to be branded.

    How does the Laser Etching process work?

Laser etching uses a state-of-the-art laser, where the dye from the material's surface is removed from a garment by way of a laser etching technique.


    When would you use Debossing?

  • Genuine leather products.
  • Imitation leather products.
  • PU leather products.

    Why is Debossing a good branding option?

  • Creates a unique 3D look.
  • Subtle and classy tone-on-tone finish.
  • Permanent branding method.

PLEASE NOTE: debossing is sometimes also known as Embossing.

    How does the Debossing branding process work?

1) A die in the shape of your artwork/logo is pressed into the surface of a product using both heat and pressure

2) This creates a permanent and stamped impression into the product. 
Fabrizio 8000mAh Power Bank in Brown Code: TECH-4497
 Oakridge 2200mAh Power Bank in Beige Code: TECH-4635
Renaissance A5 Notebook in Navy Code: NB-9388


    When would you use Digital Transfer Printing?

  • Bags
  • Notebooks
  • Water bottles

    Why is Digital Transfer Printing a good branding option?

  • Allows for blending and tone within your artwork/text.
  • Eye-catching with high-impact and photo-realistic full colour branding.
  • Offers long lasting branding value.
  • Great for intricate logos with fine detail and small text.

    How does the Digital Transfer Printing branding process work?

Involves the replication of digital images onto a physical surface.

PLEASE NOTE: that at least 300dpi image resolution is required for high-quality branding. 
Solano Water Bottle - 750Ml Code: DW-6593
 Ecosphere Shopper Code: BAG-3508
 Omega A5 Notebook Code: NB-9860


    Why is Digital Printing on Bags a good branding option?

  • Great for logos that have fine detail, small text, multiple colours, shading and gradients as the ink is not absorbed by the material.
  • Produces your artwork/text in refined detail with excellent clarity. 
  • Offers bold, vibrancy and a photorealistic look.

    How does the branding process for Digital Printing on Bags work?

1) Your artwork/text is digitally printed in full-colour onto a special transfer paper.

2) This paper is then coated with a unique powdered glue which is cured onto the ink with UV rays.

3) Thereafter it is placed onto the product which is inserted into a heat press.

4) The heat from the press allows the print to be transferred directly onto the fabric.


    Why is Digital Printing On Notebooks a good branding option?

  • Produces high-definition digital images directly onto notebooks.
  • Typically used for detailed artwork/text, which has multiple colours, shading, gradients and small text.
  • Offers great clarity and a photo-realistic finish. 
  • Cost-effective.

    How does the process for Digital Printing on Notebooks work?

Full colour digital printing on notebooks uses the latest, customised UV technology.

This allows us to digitally print full-colour, high-definition digital images directly onto notebooks.


    Why is Direct to Product Printing a good branding option?

  • Produces bright, bold and colourful results.
  • Is a permanent branding option.
  • Creates a lasting impression.
  • Suitable for many product shapes and sizes. 

    How does the Direct to Product Printing branding process work?

1. Your artwork/logo is directly printed in full colour onto the product.

2. This is done by using specifically engineered jigs, a specialized digital printing head transfers UV-cured ink onto flat or slightly curved surfaces with photo-print quality, bold and vivid colours.


    Why is Digital Printing on Drinkware a good branding option?

  • Great for printing artwork with vivid colours, multiple tones and gradients.
  • Suitable option if your artwork/text is detailed or has small text.
  • A photo-realistic branding method that allows your logo or marketing message to make an impact.
  • The print is slightly textured which adds a unique feel of the products.

    How does the Digital Printing on Drinkware branding process work?

1.  Your artwork/text is directly digitally wrap printed in full-colour onto a water bottle.

2. This is done by using a new UV printing process which uses a rotary printing machine.


    Which items are best for branding with Embroidery?

Suitable for flat or irregular surfaces such as:
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets
  • Caps
  • Bags

    Why is Embroidery a good branding option?

  • A classic and high value look for your branded products.
  • A permanent and upmarket branding solution.
  • Allows single and multi-colour branding, also tone-on-tone embroidery.
  • Your artwork/text can be embroidered with up to 9 different thread colours.
PLEASE NOTE: embroidery shows through on the back of blankets and scarves. 

    How does the Embroidery branding process work?

1) Your artwork/text is stitched in strands of thread.

2) Driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files.

3) Embroidery machines automatically create a design on the product in the form of your artwork/text that was put into the machine. 
Kids Elemental Golf Shirt Code: BAS-7002
 True Jersey 6 Panel Cap Code: CAP-1009
Pinnacle Scarf Code: ELE-6000


    What is doming used for?

  • Lanyards
  • Key rings
  • Lunch coolers
  • Products with a purpose-made recessed plaque are best suited for doming.
  • Creates a 3D appearance. 
  • Printed digitally in full colour.
  • Great option if your artwork/text is multi-coloured and difficult to replicate with other printing methods.
  • Suitible for smooth and rigid surfaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Doming is also known as dome decals or dome stickers.

    How does the Doming branding process work?

1) Your artwork/text is digitally prinited onto an adhesive vinyl.

2) Which then are cut to shape and size as requested. 

3) The stickers are coated with a polyurethane resin to give a three-dimensional appearance. 
Nordic Lunch Cooler Code: COOL-5090
Evolve Keyholder Code: KH-7501
Bold Statement Lanyard Code: GIFT-9146
Billboard Ball Pen Code: PEN-1413


    Why is domed/deboss combination a good branding option?

  • Eye-catching.
  • Unique.
  • Large branding area.
  • Creates a focal point for conveying your marketing message.
  • Combines subtle tone-on-tone debossing with the full colour elements of a dome decal.
Domed and Deboss Combination


    When would you use sublimation printing?

  • Mugs
  • Umbrellas

    Why is Sublimation Printing a good branding option?

  • Provides a photo-realistic finish.
  • Sleek and clean look.
  • Full colour branding to make your artwork/text stand out.

PLEASE NOTE: this branding method is only applicable for white products made from polyester fabric of a minimum of 60% and polymer coated items.

    How does the branding process for Sublimation Printing work?

1. Your artwork/text is digitally printed in full-colour and fitted with special sublimation inks.

2. Then your artwork/text is printed onto a special transfer paper, where it is cut to the correct shape.

3. Your artwork/test is placed onto the product.

4. Heat is applied which causes the inks to migrate from the paper onto the product.
Home-Base Sublimation Mug - 310Ml in Red Code: MUG-6380
Blank Canvas Sublimation Mug - 330Ml in White Code: MUG-6395
Transition Colour-Changing Mug - 325Ml Code: MUG-6460


    Why is Heat Transfer printing a good branding option?

  • Great if your logo has fine detail, small text and multiple colours.
  • Mainly used if your artwork/text is too detailed for screen printing.
  • Full-colour branding to make your brand pop.

PLEASE NOTE: the flexibility of the product will be affected and a background colour will appear as the vinyl does not get cut to the shape of your artwork/text.

    How does the Heat Transfer branding process work?

1. Your artwork/text is digitally printed onto a vinyl surface.

2. Then it is placed onto the product in the correct position. 

3. The product is then placed in a heat press which melts the adhesive backing on the vinyl, merging it with the fabric.
Runner's Sweatband in Black Code: GIFT-840


    Why are Belly Bands for Notebooks a good branding option?

  • High exposure levels and visibility rates.
  • An impactful way to convey your marketing message.
  • Offers you an extra advertising platform for specials, promotions, events, discounts or further business information.

PLEASE NOTE: belly bands are not sold separately, they can only be ordered in combination with one of our A4, A5 or A6 notebooks.

    How does the branding process for Belly Bands work?

1. Your logo/artwork is digitally printed in fulll-colour in a wrap style.

2. The full-colour printed wrap is fitted around the notebook.
 Omega A5 Notebook Code: NB-9860
Europa A5 Notebook Set Code: NB-9854
Jotter A6 Notebook NB-9511


    When would you use Foil Hot Stamping?

  • Genuine, PU and imitation leather products.
  • Notebooks

    Why is Foil Hot Stamping a good branding option?

  • The only branding method that offers the use of metallic colours.
  • Creates an exceptional superior impression. 
  • Adds a touch of elegance and class to your notebook.
  • Similar to debossing however the impression is not as deep.

  • Pantone matches are not possible.
  • Available in 11 colours; copper, gold, blue, green, light blue, orange, red, silver and yellow. 

    How does the Foil Hot Stamping branding process work?

Foil hot stamping is a branding process which is similar to debossing, however;

1. A thin foil is pressed into the product which creates a colour.

2. A further difference from debossing, is that the heat and pressure applied is much less, making the impression less deep than debossing. 
 Stanford A5 Notebook Code: NB-9335
Renaissance A5 Notebook Code: NB-9388
"I Am South African" Notebook Code: AC-2015


    Which items are best for pad printing?

  • Pens
  • Key rings
  • Torches
  • Small plastic items

    Why is pad printing a good branding option?

  • Economical and efficient.
  • Suitable for a range of product shapes.
  • Can be applied to a number of surface textures.
  • Is suitable for most surface textures.
  • Allows single or multi-colour branding of up to 4 coluors. 

    How does the branding process for Pad Printing work?

1. Ink is transferred from an engraved metal plate onto a product through the meduim of a silicone pad.

2. Then an image is created on the product.

This branding method produces excellent detail of your artwork as every single colour is applied individually. 
Dazzle Torch Keyholder Code: KH-7019
Jive Earbuds Code: TECH-4775
 Frequency Headphones Code: TECH-4205
Sickle Ball Pen Code: PEN-1285


    What are Vinyl Stickers used for?

  • Lip balms
  • Tissue packets
  • Sunblocks
  • Mint tins

    Why are Vinyl Stickers a good branding option?

  • Affordable
  • Multi-colour branding available.
  • Strong resistance to fading or damage.

PLEASE NOTE: this branding method can only be applied to flat or slighty curved surfaces.

    How does the branding process for Vinyl Stickers work?

1. Your artwork/text is digitally printed onto an adhesive vinyl.

2. The shape of the sticker is cut to the desired shape.
Sunblock HWB-9500
Travel Mobile Mate TECH-4870
Tissues HWB-9705