BIC Media Clic Pen


BIC Media Clic Pen. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Barrel, Clip & Plug; grey, red, dark blue, black, white or metal. Mix and match colours. Black ink. BRANDING INFORMATION: 3 colours on the barrel (40 mm x 20 mm) and 1 colour print on the clip (20 mm x 4 mm). read more ↓ read less ↑

FROM R11.10 Excl. VAT & Branding R12.77 Incl. VAT Ordering Process
  • 250 unitsR10.90 each excl. VAT
  • 500 unitsR10.80 each excl. VAT
  • 2000 unitsR10.70 each excl. VAT
  • 5000 unitsR10.50 each excl. VAT