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Golf Shirts South Africa - Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of branded golf shirts and polo shirts in South Africa. Our range of corporate clothing golf shirts include well known brands such as Slazenger, Gary Player, Cutter & Buck and more.

Why are branded golf shirts important for your brand?

  • 76% of women use and keep branded golf shirts

  • Kept for over a year

  • Achieves 2,300 impression during its lifetime

Branded Golf shirts

Branded Golf Shirts are an awesome way to showcase your brand as well as to identify your employees. Branded golf shirts look fantastic, but did you know that in the game of golf, it is traditional not to brand the breast pocket of the golf shirt? If seems like the most logical place to brand. And a branded pocket looks good.

In case you’re looking to get golf shirts with branded pockets, several of the golf shirts that we sell have loose pocket so that we can brand then for you and then attach them, so that you get the best finish on your awesome Branded Golf Shirts.

Golf shirts South Africa – Golf shirts are an awesome corporate uniform item in South Africa.

In summer, South Africa is well known for being a pretty hot country. We’re just under the equator and we’ve got a Mediterranean climate. And while we do have a good few thousand kilometres of coast line to be getting on with, a large part of our beautiful country is landlocked.
Meaning that it’s surrounded by land, and while there’s nothing wrong with that it does mean that we are a long way from the moderating influence of the ocean.

Which does make a big difference. The interior of the country can be scorching hot as well as freezing cold all within the space of a day. And what relevance does this have?

This is about Golf Shirts! It’s just a basis so that you’ll understand the perspective that I’m coming from when I say that Golf Shirts are the best corporate clothing for South Africa.

South Africa is a hot country. That’s a statement of fact. A golf shirt is specifically designed to allow for free flow of air under the garment so that the wearer is kept cool and can move around freely while wearing it. Which is a pretty neat thing for a shirt to do! And we have a selection of long sleeved golf shirts as well, so there’s no need to fret when winter comes knocking. Brand Innovation has you covered for Golf Shirts South Africa.


What is the difference between Golf T Shirts and Golf Shirts?

At Brand Innovation, golf t-shirts and golf shirts are one of the same. However, if we had to get more technical, a golf t shirt is a shirt that has sleeves and a collar. Some would say that a golf t shirt is a smarter option because the collar lies flat. We have a wide selection of golf t shirts that come indifferent styles and vibrant colours. Black, yellow, lime green, light blue,navy, red, light green, dark green, pink, orange and so many more.

Corporate golf days are perfect for showcasing your style on the golf course. Why not plan a golf day that allows your staff to dress in fun, vibrant colours? Your staff and clients will enjoy dressing up and will enjoy the golf day.

If you are a golfer that likes to look smart but enjoys standing out in funky golf apparel, we have golf T-shirts just for you. Order branded golf T-shirts today. 


Bulk Golf Shirt Supplier South Africa

Bulk Golf Shirt Supplier South Africa? That’s us! We have a minimum order quantity of 20 (twenty) units on our golf shirts. That may seem like a lot, but it’s really for you. We sell in bulk so that we can offer you the best prices, so that you walk away from our business knowing that you got a good deal and some really great products out of it too! We supply companies all across South Africa and Africa and we have 11 years of company history to guide us and help us to get you what you need!

Here are a few handy tips for bulk ordering Golf Shirts

  • When do you need your order by? This is an important question because our standard lead time is 7-10 working days after you’ve approval of artwork and receipt of deposit. That can vary depending on the size of your order, and we very much want to get you your products on time!
  • Would you like branding on your golf shirts? Please let us know what kind! If you read a little further down we have some of the branding methods that we use. Embroidery is popular!
  • We also need your artwork in a high resolution vector format so that we can give you the best possible result.
  • Knowing your maximum and minimum budget can really help us to get you your perfect golf shirt!
  • How many shirts do you need and what sizes? Some sizes sell out very quickly in our more popular styles so it can really help us get you that shirt if you can tell us what sizes you need and how many upfront.
  • What kind of fabric are you looking for? Cotton? Synthetic? Moisture management? UV protective? We have options; all you need to do is give us specifications.


So there are six little tips for placing your order with us! We’re very excited to help you and we love it when an order comes together!

Making people happy makes us happy and we’re just as excited as you are when we can show the office the fruits of our Bulk Golf Shirt Orders.


Golf Shirt Brands

Golf Shirt Brands- which are the best ones? Which ones suit what you want to get out of your shirts? These are very important questions and ones that must be asked before we go diving head long into the world of golf shirt brands.  What is it that you’re looking to get out of this shirt?

Everyday wear for a uniform? Less frequent wear, maybe for a sports team? These are great things to ask yourself. Because we can cater to your needs if you tell us what you want.
A hard wearing shirt? A higher weight of fabric.

A sports team? Moisture management will stand you in good stead.
Here are a few of the brands that we have on offer for you. Each of them have their own awesome features that will make wearing them fantastic.


Slazenger Clothing

The Slazenger brand is a world-class British brand. Slazenger is a leading supplier of cricket, tennis, and badminton items. Slazenger has been the official ball sponsor of The Wimbledon Tennis Championships since 1970. Wimbledon is a tennis grand slam that takes place at The All England Lawn Tennis club and has used the Slazenger ball year in and year out because of its exceptional high quality and uses over 28 000 balls at the championship every year. 

Slazenger Clothing has over a century and a half of experience under their belt and the quality of product to back that up. They are a stunning sports brand that has a keen focus on tennis, hockey and golf.

Slazenger produces stunning, high quality garments and sporting accessories that can be purchased worldwide. They’ve got such a great reputation for quality that Slazenger is the supplier of tennis balls for Wimbledon. Which is a pretty impressive accolade.

Slazenger Golf Shirts

At Brand Innovation, we want to supply you with high-quality and high-performance golf shirts. Brand Innovation suppliers a wide selection of Slazenger golf shirts and long sleeved golf shirts. Our Slazenger golf shirts are light-weight and come in 9 exciting colours: black, light brown, lime green, light blue,navy, orange, red, dark blue and white. The Slazenger golf shirt is perfect asa corporate clothing option. It is recommended to brand your company logo on golf shirts to promote your company.

If you are looking for a golf shirt that will last a long time, the Slazenger golf shirt is for you! Order branded Slazenger golf shirts through Brand Innovation today!


Gary Player Clothing

Gary Player is one of the most famous golf players of all time. Gary Player inspires us to live a healthy and more productive life. At Brand Innovation, we are inspired by his work ethic, zest for life, positive attitude and his commitment to living life to the fullest.
Gary Player is a role model for millions around the world for so many reasons.


3 Reasons why we love Gary Player:

  • Gary Player launched the Gary Player Invitational in South Africa, China, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and United Arab Emirates, and has raised an estimated $62 million for his organization, The Gary Player Foundation. The Gary Foundation raises money for children living in poverty.
  • Gary Player is of the fittest retired professional golf players, he is known for his fitness routine, completing a 1000 sit ups per day.
  • Gary Player and Black Knight Enterprises have designed a number of prestigious golf courses all over the world.


Fun Facts about Gary Player:

He started playing golf at the age of 14, three years later he was recognized as a professional golfer
Gary Player is one of the most well-known players to win the “Grand Slam of Golf’’. He won the Masters, the U.S Open, the British Open and the PGA championship.
At the age of 81, Gary Player does 1000 sit ups per day. He leads an extremely healthy lifestyle.

Brand Innovation supplies the Gary Player Collection which includes golf t shirts, golf peaks, umbrellas and so much more.


Gary Player Golf Shirts:

Our Gary Player golf shirts make great corporate gifts. Your clients will love a branded Gary Player corporate golf shirt. They will love that it is high-quality, high performance and the fact that they are made in South Africa. It is ideal for corporate wear because it can be used over and over again in the office and on the golf course. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of The Gary Player Collection in South Africa and we have a wide collection of Gary Player golf shirts that come in neutral and vibrant colours. The golf shirts are great because they are form-fitting, flattering and look great.
Order branded Gary Player golf shirts now!


Gary Player Clothing is the brand of the South African golfing legend and philanthropist, Gary Player. The Black Knight, as he’s also called, produces a range of beautiful, high end golfing apparel and accessories all locally produced in South Africa. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful quality golf shirt that’s Proudly South African from conception to creation, then Gary Player is the golf related clothing brand for you!


Elevate Clothing

Elevate Clothing is a brand from a little farther North. A lot farther. The True North, to be precise. With its roots in Canada, Elevate Clothing was designed with bringing people together in mind. The brand uses innovative designs and high quality techniques to produce beautiful products.

Elevate as a brand has won six red dot design awards and has  had the honour of clothing the Royal family of Sweden as well as being the main licensee for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  When you’re looking for beautiful quality and prestige than look no further than Elevate clothing.


US Basic Clothing

US Basic Clothing started its life in Amsterdam and since then have grown to become a huge company that is well known as a supplier of great corporate clothing all over the world. They even have several factories in Southern Africa! So we have a selection of their Southern African clothes available for purchase! US Basic is a brand the prides itself on focusing on a selection of basic clothes that are great quality and cover all the consumer’s needs.


Barron Clothing

Barron clothing is a company that has been hard at work providing South African’s with good quality work wear for over 25 years now. They have a beautiful range of construction gear that includes high visibility golf shirts with reflective detailing.

And way over on the other end of the spectrum, Barron also has a beautiful mercerised cotton shirt as well, which is stunning and makes for high end corporate merchandise. This means that no matter what you’re doing with your golf shirt, Barron Clothing has got something for you.


Moisture management golf shirts

Moisture Management Golf Shirts – you may be tempted to ask what moisture management actually is because it sounds a little strange. Why manage moisture? Well, moisture management has many names, such as water wicking and dri-FIT, which is the word that Nike uses for their moisture management products.

The gist of moisture management is that it moves the water (sweat) away from your skin. Moisture management fabrics are synthetic and the fabric is made up of tiny capillaries that track the water away from your skin so that the shirt dries faster and you don’t feel sticky and sweaty. Natural fibres like cotton are very absorbent and will result in you walking around in a heavy, sweaty shirt. Synthetic fabrics aren’t. This is what makes them ideal for sports teams’ uniforms.


Branding on Golf shirts

Branding on Golf Shirts - we have several different methods that we can use to brand your golf shirt so that you get the best possible result. After all, what we want more than anything is for you to be happy with your order! To make sure that you are, we have a selection of different branding methods for you to choose from!


Embroidery on Golf Shirts

Embroidery on Golf shirts is the standard method of branding for this kind of shirt. It looks elegant and classic and it really does give the shirt that extra little bit of formal oomph if it’s embroidered. The process of embroidery starts with your brand. We take your brand and convert it to a file type that is compatible with our embroidery machines.

Embroidery used to be a hand sewing venture but modern technology never ceases to amaze and we now have programmable embroidery machines so that you can get the most efficient and uniform results on all your shirts. These machines can stitch into up to nine colours, so you have a lot of colour variety to choose from and unlike many of our other branding methods; embroidery is not charged per colour. Instead, embroidery costs are calculated depending on how many stitches were used to create the brand, which is how much thread was used.


Screen Printing on Golf Shirts

Screen printing on golf shirts is a great method to choose if you’re looking for a large, block colour logo. We can screen print in up to six colours, however, it should be noted that each different colour costs extra. But why?

Which is a very fair question. The answer to which can be found in how screen printing is done. Screen printing is done by pushing ink through a stencil made of a mesh screen onto the fabric. For every new colour that is required, a new stencil must be made that is specifically for your brand. The machines also have to be set up all over again.

Screen printing is still a pretty awesome method of printing on t shirts. A screen print looks amazing and is especially good for large, bold logos.


Heat Transfer Printing on Golf Shirts

Heat Transfer Printing on Golf shirts is the method that often gets used when the details on a brand are too fine for screen printing. The way this method works is that the brand is printed onto vinyl with a special printer and ink. This method also allows for a beautiful full colour print, which is a nice bonus.
Once this is done the brand is placed on the desired spot on the shirt and then bonded to the fabric with a heat press. This melts the vinyl into the fibres of the fabric, adhering them together permanently.


Debossing on Golf Shirts

Debossing on Golf Shirts looks boss, if you’ll pardon the pun. But not embossing? The difference between the two is that embossing would push your brand out of the fabric, which given the nature of fabric, isn’t a good idea.

Debossing is the exact opposite of that, where a relief carving of your brand is made and used with heat to stamp your brand into the fabric. This creates a permanent impression in the fabric and it looks amazing! Debossing a great, subtle branding solution and it can pick up a lot of fine detail. This makes it a really awesome branding option.


Laser Etching on Golf Shirts

Laser Etching on Golf shirts is similar to debossing in that it’s a more subtle option that makes a monochrome brand. But a monochrome brand that looks really, really cool! Laser etching is a process that removes the top layer of pigment from the fibres of the fabric. It’s particularly cool because it can be used over zips, buttons and seams without damaging them as well as being used on rain coats without damaging the waterproof qualities of the fabric.

There they are. Some shirts are more suited to come branding methods than others, but it never hurts to ask, especially when our Sales Associates are so knowledgeable and willing to help. We’re more than happy to help you get the best possible experience Branding on Golf Shirts!


Long Sleeved Golf Shirts South Africa

Long Sleeved Golf Shirts South Africa – those fabled long sleeved shirts mentioned earlier have come again! And this time with more of an explanation. The long sleeved golf shirt is not necessarily a true golf shirt, but that’s not really the point here.
The point here is that it gets cold and people need sleeves. And what the people want, Brand Innovation provides!

When it gets cold out there, and it can get bitterly cold, a long sleeve is a lot more welcome than a t shirt. It helps to pair it with a jacket, which we can definitely do for you too, but a long sleeve is a good base layer to have when you’re layering up, and even on the coast where things aren’t quite so frosty, winter is definitely the time for more coverage than a regular golf t shirt would give you.

A long sleeved golf shirt is the natural solution, being long of sleeve and providing more warmth to you limbs than a standard golf shirt. There are some great benefits to Long Sleeve Golf Shirts South Africa.


Corporate Uniforms South Africa

Corporate Uniforms South Africa are everywhere you go. Whether it’s to work or to your favourite fast food chain. Even your favourite restaurant. When you go to Walton’s, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, all of these places have corporate uniforms. It helps to identify employees as employees so that if you have any questions, you know who to ask. They also bring the staff together as a team and let anyone outside the company identify them as being a staff member at that particular company.

Uniform means one form. One form; one purpose. All the employees of a company are ultimately working towards the same greater goal. What that goal is depends entirely on the company. Here at Brand Innovation we want to delight you with our service and the quality of our products.

So a uniform unites staff or teams in one, common purpose. Sports teams use uniforms for that purpose too, they’re not just about looking good and knowing who not to pass the ball too. When someone standing next to you is wearing the same uniform as you, you know that they are there for the same reason as you are and that they’re working to achieve the same end. This can help to create a team bond and a sense of trust between staff members.


Golf Shirt Uniforms

Golf Shirt Uniforms are a great way to have a corporate uniform but at the same time be comfortable. Because golf shirts are made for athletes, they are made to allow a full range of movement and to be light and airy. This makes them really fantastic both as part of sports uniforms as well as a part of a staff uniform. Whether you’re scoring goals or packing boxes, you’re doing physically remanding work and it can really help to be dressed in a way that allows you to do your job to the best of your ability. Because the golf shirt is made for sports but still has that placket and collar, it’s the perfect smart casual uniform item.

For branded uniforms, a golf shirt makes a really stunning option. It’s comfortable, it’s fun, and it’s very practical. Our golf shirts come in all sorts of different colours, fabrics and styles, from polyester water wicking golfers that are best used on the sports fields to mercerised cotton golf shirts that have a super soft and shiny finish and are very durable high end shirts. We have all that and everything in between too. We’ve really got you covered when it comes to Golf Shirt Uniforms.


Golf Shirts South Africa

Golf Shirts South Africa have undergone a lot to get to where they are today, loved and adored by all. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you get Golf Shirts and then you get Polo Shirts? Polo Shirts are brand name, right? Yes, but that’s not the whole story. The terms Tennis Shirt, Golf Shirt and Polo Shirt are often used interchangeably to describe a shirt that has a placket and collar and a loose cut. But there are subtle differences.

The original of these three musketeers is the Tennis shirt, which was invented by the Crocodile himself, René Lacoste as a tennis uniform that actually made sense. Tennis uniforms up until 1926 when he launched his creation were called tennis whites and were made up of suit trousers and a button up, long sleeve shirt. And a tie. Not very comfortable or practical. So the tennis shirt was born, this it’s longer back hem to tuck into pants and open collar and loose design to allow for more free motion and circulation of air.

Polo players, who had also been wearing heavy, restrictive gear, jumped on this band wagon pretty quickly. A polo collar has a stiffer rib than a tennis shirt, but still has all those wonderful benefits.
Golf joined the trio last, but still had a lot to offer, increasing the number of buttons on the placket and adding a pocket to keep a score pad and pencil.

These awesome shirts have been through a lot, from the tennis greens of France where they were first invented to the modern workplace in South Africa where they still continue to uphold the values that made them so popular when they débuted; comfort, movement and style. These are all the elements that are needed in a corporate uniform and are present in Branded Golf Shirts South Africa.