Softshell Jackets For Winter

Softshell jackets for winter! 
1. The difference between a hard-shell jacket and a soft-shell jacket
2. The benefits of buying a softshell jacket
3. Types of soft-shell jackets for men and women


1. The difference between a softshell jacket and a hard shell jacket

1. The difference between a hard-shell jacket and a soft-shell jacket

A hardshell jacket is a water-resistant jacket with a hood. 

Softshell jackets are normal winter jackets, suitable for the office or outdoor activities. 

Types of soft-shell jackets for men and women

Wow, 11 soft-shell jackets available for men and women, and children!

The catalyst soft jackets are both from the Slazenger brand.
The Catalyst Soft-Shell jacket Code: SLAZ-816 is an excellent jacket for men and women.

This is one of our best-selling jackets.

Branding options for the catalyst soft-shell jackets includes:
  • Debossing
  • Digital Transfer A5
  • Digital Transfer A6
  • Embroidery

There are 6 colours available in the catalyst jackets, which include; black, blue, grey, lime, navy and red.

Winter jackets from the Altitude brand:

The Men’s Palermo softshell jacket is another stylish jacket from the Altitude brand. 

Branding options for the men’s Palermo soft-shell jackets are digital transfer clothing A5, A6 and embroidery.

Kids's Palermo Softshell jacket 

Winter jackets from the Elevate brand
  • Men's Iberico softshell jacket (ELE-4022)
  • Men's Maxson Softshell jacket (ELE- 7304)
  • Men's Jozani Hybrid Softshell jacket (ELE – 4024)

Winter jackets from US Basic
  • Men's Cromwell Softshell jacket (BAS-1007)
  • Ladies Cromwell Soft Shell Jacket 

Winter jackets from the Altitude brand
  • Men's Palermo Softshell jacket (ALT-PAM)
  • Kids Palermo Softshell jacket (ALT-PAK)

Winter jacket from the Gary Player brand
  • Men's laurel Softshell jacket (GP-7452)

Winter jacket brands in South Africa

Softshell jackets are a great jacket for corporate uniforms- we offer other awesome brands such as
Slazenger, US Basic, Elevate, Elevate, and Gary Player.

The Slazenger brand:

Slazenger is an excellent sports brand.

We have 6 brand new Slazenger jackets for ladies!

The ladies Ridge and Astana jackets are our brand-new options.

Promote your logo with digital transfer or embroidery.
This a great choice for winter
100% polyester made
Small branding area

Stylish Slazenger jackets for men too - we have 4 brand new jacket options. 

The Men's Kyoto and Ridge jackets are top-notch jackets for winter. 
Both jackets are durable and made from 100% polyester. 

Also from the Slazenger brand are the Men's Atana jacket. (SKU: SLAZ-11424)

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