Why are student promotional giveaways useful?

Student promotional giveaways are a fantastic way to reach a younger generation who will eventually become the future generation who will have buying power and influence decision making surrounding products and services.
Students are your future consumers, future employees and future investors.
Promotional giveaways for students are ideal if you want to:
1. Recruit students for your company
2. Encourage them to invest in your company
3. Introduce them to your product or service to encourage them to buy into your brand
Introducing students to your brand or company from an early stage allows you to build brand recognition and familiarity. One day when these students begin thinking about potential companies to join for employment or which bank to entrust their finances with or who to invest their saving with, your company will be top of mind!
If a student is constantly confronted with your brand or company, they will start to build an association. This association can further be emphasised with your branded promotional items, to ensure that your marketing message is ever-present.
Branded items have the power to influence people in their buying decisions, because of subliminal marketing which impacts your subconscious subtly.
Promotional items should be useful and provide a purpose to someone’s daily life. Students are always on the move, darting to the next thing so your promotional student giveaways should be useful for their upbeat and busy lifestyle.
Charging cables
Desk calendars
Why do Promotional Giveaways for Students work?
What are Useful Gifts for School Students?
  • Power bank
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Charging cables
  • Phone card holder/phone stand
  • Lip balm
  • Caps
  • Key rings
  • Water bottle
  • Thermal mug
  • Drawstring bag/Tote bag
  • Desk calendar
  • Sunglasses
  • USB


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