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Updated 05 December, 2019

Which Promotional Desk Items are the Best for Marketing Purposes?

Which promotional desk items are the best for marketing purposes? - items that are useful, add value to someone’s day and most importantly, are effective in easing everyone’s day!

The best promo branded desk items are:

1. Pens
2. Branded coffee mug
3. Desk calendars
4. Mouse Pads
5. Pencils
6. Pen holders
7. Laptop Webcam Cover
8. Hand sanitizer
9. Coasters
10. Stapler 


Pens are your number one promotional item which continues to promote your brand or business for many months. Think of all the promotional pens you’ve received that you still use. 

A pen is an item which will never go out of style or use. No matter how far we progress with technology, pens will always have a purpose.
If you are looking for a super affordable marketing product, pens are your answer! 

Branded pens are the ultimate low cost promotional product with high-levels of return on investment. Meaning that you’ll end up spending almost nothing on your marketing campaign and receive excellent branding value and business in return.

Pens are used every single day by millions across the world. A product that provides long-term use and a purpose for every kind of person. Schools, universities, offices, artists, writers and homes. Almost every person owns a pen and will go onto owning many in their lifetime, so make sure your branded pen is part of their journey!

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Branded coffee mugs are an item that no office worker, teacher, receptionist, university student and almost everyone in the working world cannot live without.

Mugs are the most valuable item for any employee, it is the king’s cup which wakes up every sleepy head, energises the all-nighters and eases every ticking moment with each soothing sip.

Coffee is what makes the working day a little more bearable and for many provides a few moments of stillness during a chaotic day.

Travel mugs are an alternative for those on-the-go, travelling on the road, working on a construction site or bouncing between meetings. 

Whichever medium your coffee goes in, mug or travel mug, your brand is the perfect match. Adding your logo onto a mug or travel mug will ensure you reach the optimal branding which you deserve!

For every staff member who has a branded mug, that’s almost double the branding visibility you’ll gain. A mug lives on a desk, which is passed by often, frequently visited and almost always in sight to many eyes. So why not let your branded mug be the one to be seen?

Your chances will increase with branded travel mugs, which will gain even more visibility thanks to people using them who are always on the move, so your brand will come into contact with many people from every walk of life.

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Desk calendars are impossible to live without! A world lacking in calendars is a chaotic one.

Where would we be without a handy calendar on our desks that we can look at with a slight swing of the head? 

For every time you need to confirm a date, count the days until your birthday or make sure you have the date of your anniversary correct, a desk calendar is vital for survival!


Mouse pads are an essential desk item which keeps your mouse steady for every drag and click. 

Branded mouse pads are excellent for advertising your marketing message, adding your logo and contact details onto. Think of everytime someone looks down to see your logo, you’ll gain great exposure and everyone will have your logo on their mind!

A mouse cannot function without a mouse pad, they go together like bread and butter! Recall all those times you used a mouse without a mouse pad and how uncomfortable it was trying to operate the mouse or drag your cursor where you wanted it. 

If every office, public library, school or university library had your branded mouse pad, imagine the endless opportunity for your brand to always be on display! 

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Pencils are widely used by people everywhere, especially in schools. A pencil is what most of us association with childhood and school days. It is an item which holds cherished memories of carefree fun, no restrictions and a free-spirited nature. 

As we graduate into adulthood and into office spaces, pencils take on a different form. They become the pre-markers of documents or projects in draft before the final proposal is submitted. 

A valuable stationery addition to everyone’s desk, that is useful and handy for every situation. 

For some a pencil can still resonate child-like tendencies, like artists or architects who use pencils to sketch their drawing or painting before starting the actual piece. 

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Pen holders or desk caddy’s are an item which tie a desk together and help to create an organised working station. 

Desk caddies are super useful and make your life at work highly convenient. Keep all your stationery and desk items in one place. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind! Work more efficiently with a clean space.

Are you looking for desk holders that are offer a little more? Look no further, we supply desk caddies that include USB hubs which can be connected to your computer for easy transfer of files via a USB or for charging up your phone! 

Many of our desk caddies provide a holder or stand for your phone. Other desk holders offer cool and useful compartments for sticky notes, keys, paper clips and other stationery items.

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Laptop webcam cover is the greatest item to ensure your information and data on your device is protected. 

Webcam covers are designed to protect you from internet hackers, trying to gain access to your files, documents and data stored on your device. 

With the fast-paced nature of technology and the ease hackers have to take control of your data, it is highly important to maintain and shield yourself from the dangers of hacking with a webcam cover.

A webcam cover keeps you protected from hackers, unsafe malware and any other threats to your data.

If you brand your logo onto a webcam cover, every time someone opens up their laptop, your brand will be there! Every time someone is at a coffee shop, in a library or wherever, using their laptop with your branded webcam cover, your logo will be spotted and on everyone’s mind!

They are compact, cost-effective and service to be a constant form of branding for your company.

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Hand sanitizer offers constant cleanliness and prevention of germs spreading around the office. Open spaces are the perfect breeding ground for diseases, flu and bacteria. 

Keeping sanitizer on every desk is a sure way to lessen infections and make sure that your office stays clean and free of germs.

Hand sanitizer is compact and convenient for slipping into your bag after work and some are easy to clip onto your keyring, bag or lanyard. 

Keyboards and phones carrying a large amount of germs, items which are in use everyday non-stop by everyone. Keeping hand sanitizer on every desk, keeps the germs away!

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Coasters are the perfect companion for your coffee mug! Ensuring coffee rings don’t make their presence permanent!

Branded coasters are a clever way to keep your logo in sight with every pick up and putting down of a coffee mug, your logo will be there.

They are a great opportunity for a motivational quote or catchy phrase, to keep people smiling and inspired for the day. 

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Staplers are a must-have desk item for everyone! 

Branded staplers have a long lasting branding value. Your brand could be sit on every desk across the country for years.

A stapler is always handy and ready to use, super inexpensive and the greatest long-term branding investment opportunity for your company.
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