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Updated 08 January, 2020

Why are Promotional Products Important?

Promotional products are an excellent way of connecting people to your business or brand, in a real and authentic way. Promotional items are an affordable means of communicating your marketing message, while reaching a wide audience. 

The promotional products industry has been around for decades and still exists for a reason, that reason being that, promotional products work!

People love receiving free things and branded giveaways are a sure way to get your name out there. Whatever your industry, competition runs deep so marketing yourself is highly important to separate yourself from your competitors.  Promo items is one way of doing this and ensuring that your brand name is moved around and noticed. 

Branded items are low-cost and grant you high-return on investment. Promotional merchandise continually helps to promote the reach and visibility of your business. It has been proven that people who receive a branded item are more likely to do business with you. 

Top 5 reasons why Promotional Products are important:

  • Promotional products keep your brand top of mind
  • Promotional products help your brand grow
  • Promotional products are cost-effective 
  • Promotional products increase your brand recognition 
  • Promotional products are useful


Promotional products keep your brand top of mind, as they are useful items which can be used in daily life. If your branded items are being used everyday, your brand is always visible and leaving a lasting impression.
What are the best promo items?
  • Pens
  • T-shirts
  • Water bottles
  • Cooler bags
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebooks 
  • Tote bags 

Promotional products have an immense staying power which means that they have a long lasting value and purpose in many people’s daily lives. 

Majority of promotional items longevity is about 1 year.


Promotional products help your brand grow to gain visibility, exposure, impressions and reach. Media and digital marketing mediums are great but only offer your brand a quick fame which it flashes by in 30 secs or less. Whereas with promo items, your brand is a constant presence in everyone’s daily life, providing excellent branding value and visibility. 

Marketing items act as an extension of your brand, like a representative who keeps your brand’s presence known and continually visible. Think of promotional items as a form of free advertising which constantly markets your brand for you. Promotional items are a useful, tangible and memorable business card which leaves a lasting impression of your brand on people.


Promotional products are cost-effective and won’t break your marketing budget! 

What are the most affordable promo products?
  • Pens
  • Lip balms
  • Rulers
  • Note pads
  • Drawstring bags

Your marketing items should aim to offer a practical use which adds value to everyone’s daily lives. If a product does not provide a meaningful use then there is no use in keeping it, so make sure that your promo items have a purpose, this ensures that your brand stays visible for everyone to see and come into contact with. 


Promotional products are useful because they fill a need for everyday situations. Students who are handed promotional pens on campus will make great use of them as they are always in need of pens for taking notes and writing papers.

Runners or cyclists who take part in races find it useful receiving race packs which contain water bottles, sun visors, bandanas, etc. which can be used during their run or cycle. 

Promotional items make the most sense when they can provide ease, comfort or convenience to someone’s daily life, and when they are useful to people of all ages, races and genders. 


Promotional products increase your brand recognition as they are always visible and in use. When your branded products are constantly in use, your brand is constantly on display which increase the recognisability of your brand.

The more often people come into contact with your brand, the more familiar your brand becomes to them. This familiarity helps people to start associating with your brand as reliable and trustworthy. 

Subliminal marketing can be used with promotional items as you are subtly introducing people to your brand with useful items that have your details on them as identifiable markers which encourage people to do business with you in a subtle manner.

Which items make the largest impression?

  • Corporate jackets
  • Corporate golf shirts
  • Branded caps and beanies
  • Branded t-shirts
  • Branded bags
  • Promotional pens

How do promotional products make an impression?

  • When a promotional product is used, your brand gains visibility and reaches more people. 
  • When a promotional product comes into contact with people your brand is exposed to more people, so your brand recognition grows. 
  • Wherever a promotional product is worn or used, your brand is top of mind.
  • The more your branded promotional products are seen, the more people are inclined to do business with you based on familiarity.

If you were given a pen by a real estate agent with their company’s logo and contact details on, and say you were needing to sell your house or buy a new home, you would more than likely contact the real estate agent who gave you their pen, because they are at the top of your mind and convenient to make use of.

Why do people keep promotional products?

Promotional products are kept because of the use and benefit they offer someone. Think of how often you need a pen to quickly scribble something down, take notes or add something to the shopping list. A pen will never go out of style.

What happens to promotional products if they are not used?

Promotional products that someone does not want does not go to waste as typically promotional items that are unwanted are passed along to someone else. Which ensures that your brand continues to reach people and gain exposure.

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