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Updated 29 July, 2020

Winter Jackets: The Complete Shopping Guide For Winter Corporate Wear

Winter jackets are an essential item in your corporate clothing collection.

In this definitive shopping guide to winter jackets, we are going to cover:
·       Why branded winter jackets are a business-savvy idea
·       The different types of winter jackets to choose from
·       Which jacket will suit your climate and corporate needs
·       The best sellers and why we recommend them
While there is a large variety of stylish jackets to choose from, this guide will help you find the perfect winter jacket for your brand, as well as your clients and employees!

The Benefits of Branded Winter Jackets

Good quality jackets are as vital to surviving Mzansi winters as rusks and rooibos tea are.
As South Africans, we’re known for our zest for life and don’t really care for the phrase ‘rain on your parade.’

We’re not a nation that lets some bad weather keep us at home and put life on hold for a few months every year.
Although on a side note, this year COVID has done more than just “rain” on our parade if you catch my drift...

Alas, in spite of our fierce determination and stoicism, the cold does fight back, we get sick and often we hear our mother’s warnings — not based on scientific fact but believable nonetheless — that it’s because we didn’t dress warmly enough. 

Well, with winter jackets there are no more excuses to be had!

Kitting your people out is the perfect way to show staff and clients that you care about their health and want to keep them as warm as possible throughout the cold and rainy season.

They are also a fantastic way of creating uniformity in the workplace.

There is something undeniably slick about a team in matching, stylish corporate attire.  
Winter jackets are also a valuable investment – these jackets are extremely durable and their quality will last for years to come.

In addition, they are a subtle, yet genius way of promoting your brand.
When a jacket is comfortable, warm and fashionable, it will quickly be used in places far away from the workplace.

These jackets, with your company’s logo branded on them, will soon be seen at the kid’s soccer matches on Saturday mornings and at the potjie Sunday lunch with friends.

You will indirectly, yet inevitably create brand ambassadors, as well as receive a lot of love and loyalty from your staff and clients wearing the jackets.

Brand Innovation can supply you with winter jackets in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or anywhere in South Africa! 

We believe that our range is the absolute best of the winter jackets for sale in South Africa.

Whether you’re looking specifically for winter jackets for men, winter jackets for ladies, or both, we have a large variety of styles and brands for you to choose from!

Parka Jackets

If you’re looking for something to battle blizzards in, then parka jackets are the perfect solution for you.

Parkas are the ultimate winter jacket that has been in fashion for decades because they’re legendary at keeping you warm, no matter how cold it is.

It’s the kind of jacket that will make you want to do strange things, like driving to the mountains to look for snow.

The reason why it is such an effective jacket is (no, not wizardry) because it has padding in the fleece lining.

These little pockets of material make for powerful insulation, as well as add to the overall thickness of the jacket.

The durable exterior is wind and water-resistant, protecting you from the elements.
Most parkas are a bit longer than other types of winter jackets, which also adds warmth as more of you is covered up.

View our blog on beanies and shop our selection of beanies for the areas our jackets don’t cover up!

This jacket is ideal in the parts of South Africa that really experience everything winter has to offer.

It can even take on the unforgiving coastal winds so that you can go whale watching or cheer on the surfers in J-Bay.  

In terms of style, parkas are suitable for both formal and informal work environments.
Whether you’d like to use parka jackets for corporate attire for the team or gifts for your lucky clients, this jacket will effortlessly turn winter into a wonderland and make you everyone’s favourite person.

The US Basic Hastings Parka Jacket is our top selling winter jacket.

It has all of the qualities listed above, as well as a foldaway hood with fleece lining, adjustable cuffs with Velcro, a wind placket and multiple internal and external pockets.

It is available for both men and women and comes in a range of colours fit for our rainbow nation.


Softshell Jackets

These winter jackets are becoming more and more popular and it’s no wonder why!

In fact, we can personally vouch for this jacket as we have had it as a part of our corporate attire for more than five years (not that you would be able to tell – they’re still in mint condition).

Don’t let the name fool you, the ‘shell’ of the jacket is still tough enough to protect you from the elements.

This is a mean little winter-weather-fighting machine!

The jacket’s hard shell is incredibly durable – keeping out moisture and making it both wind and water-resistant.  

But, just like all tough guys, it’s soft and warm on the inside.

The jacket itself is quite thick, and the inner lining is usually made out of fleece, which will keep you nice and snug.

What really makes this type of jacket stand out is how stretchy and highly-breathable it is.

Unlike the more rigid hardshell jackets, the softshell allows for a wide range of mobility.
These jackets are designed to wear during high-output activities; while they’re usually quite thick and very well insulated to keep you warm, they are also made with porous material so that you do not retain heat.

This prevents you from creating your own personal sauna while on the go or hard at work.    

Softshell jackets are perfect for a profession which is quite physical and requires movement.  

They are also stylish enough to have as office attire.

Wrap your team up in one of our branded scarves for extra warmth!

This jacket is the perfect winter solution for your staff, as they can comfortably and fashionably wear it to work, as well as outside of work at social occasions.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of corporate gifts, then these jackets are ideal for clients who are active, outdoor adventurers – the type that get excited when it rains because they can go on a hike to see a waterfall.

And with a softshell jacket on, you can prove the song wrong, chase those waterfalls and stay super cosy the whole way up the mountain.

Our bestseller, and personal favourite, is the Slazenger Catalyst Softshell jacket.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, this powerful jacket comes with an adjustable hood, velcro closure sleeves and multiple internal and external pockets.

It is available in seven fashionable colours, in both mens and womens cuts, and can be easily embroidered with your logo.

Fleece Jackets & Micro Fleece Jackets

You know when you wake up in the morning on an ice-cold day and absolutely dread the idea of getting out of bed?

Fleece jackets are the solution to this problem.

When you’re wearing one of these jackets, you’ll be sitting at your desk in the office but you’ll feel like you’re still at home under the duvet.

In other words, fleece jackets are as warm and comforting as homemade malva pudding.

But, not all fleece is made equal.

We have selected the top-quality jackets which are made of soft and non-itchy, non-pilling microfleece.  

These microfleece jackets are thick and insulating, yet they are also lightweight and breathable.

Their design is elegant, made to fit your body snugly – unlike your duvet!
These winter jackets are appropriate for both formal and informal settings, making them a wonderfully versatile item to add to your corporate attire.

Due to their thickness and insulating superpowers, fleece jackets are perfect for areas that experience the bitterly cold winters.

They are better suited to professions that don’t require a lot of movement and physical activity.

In terms of out of office occasions, for either staff or clients, these jackets are perfect for things like activities like game drives or lazy afternoon strolls in the park – people who experience the outdoors at a leisurely pace.

One of our most popular fleece jackets is the Slazenger Apex Jacket.

These stylish two-tone Slazenger jackets have a high collar to keep out the elements, a full zip and two zipped pockets, comes in black, navy or red and is available in both mens and womens sizes.

Your logo can be branded onto this jacket via embroidery, screen printing or digital transfer — get in contact with us to sort you out.


Windbreaker Jackets

Windbreaker jackets are the year-round answer to the question we often ask ourselves, “Should I take a jacket?”

These jackets are very thin, lightweight and very convenient to carry around when not wearing them.

But, what they lack in weight they certainly don’t lack in strength and quality.

While a lighter version of a thick and bulky winter jacket, windbreakers are very effective in keeping out the wind and rain and keeping in the warmth.

This jacket is ideal for all the seasons — there are even sleeveless windbreaker jackets which are perfect for the summer and autumn months.
Windbreaker jackets make fantastic corporate gifts for both staff and clients based in places with mild winter conditions or with strong winds – it will quickly become your best friend if you live in the Windy City!

The new Altitude Cameroon Rain Jacket is destined to be a bestseller.

This unisex jacket is simple and sleek in design, but works hard to keep you warm.

 As well as the above features, it has elasticated cuffs, a concealed hood with zip closure, a full front zip and welt side pockets.

It is available in six different sizes and can be branded either with embroidery or digital transfer.  

Check out our raincoats and jacket options to keep you warm (and dry) this winter!


High Visibility Jackets

High visibility winter jackets are incredibly important for any professions which involve outdoor work.

This includes work in construction, roadworks, emergency services, railways, airports and more.
While high visibility caps, shirts and bibs may already form part of your corporate attire, these will be covered by jackets in the winter time, making your workers less visible and at risk of an accident.

The importance of high visibility winter jackets for outdoor work is two-fold:
  1. Making sure your workers are easily seen
  2. Making sure your workers are warm and comfortable enough during the cold and rainy season

We recommend the Venture Padded High Visibility Jacket.

This winter jacket is ideal for outdoor work because, for one, its two-tone and luminous material, as well as its reflective tape on the front, back and sleeves make this jacket, and the person wearing it, highly visible.

Secondly, it is padded and fully lined, making it wonderfully warm and suitable to work outside in the less favorable conditions.  

Last, but not least, this winter jacket is built to withstand the elements at their worst.

It is water-resistant, has a concealed hood and storm flap, all to protect you from the winter weather.

Shop our selection of gloves to compliment your indoor/outdoor workwear! 


Speak To Us About Our Winter Jackets

Winter jackets are an (if not the) essential item in your corporate attire.
Keeping your clients and employees nice and cosy on the coldest winter days will let them know you care, keep them healthy and happy and build loyalty for your brand.

Not to mention that winter jackets are a wonderful form of brand promotion that will last as long as the jacket does – a long time!

We hope that this guide was helpful and that you now have a better idea of what kind of winter jacket is the absolute perfect fit for your company.

Need help outfitting your team? Our team is on call to answer any of your questions.

Please feel free to send our team a mail.


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